Collymore Leaving in August. Govt Wants A Kenyan to Head The Company. Let's speculate

So Collymore will not renew his contract but rather leave Safaricom to focus on his health. The Govt wants a Kenyan to replace him.

If that will be possible and approved by the board, whom do you think are the most likely Kenyans to head the company? (Topic can be a great article on Techweez)

My list

  1. James Mworia (Centum CEO)
  2. James Mwangi (EquityBank CEO)
  3. ???

I guess the Safaricom board and other stakeholders will be very very carefully on who succeeds Bob considering the upward growth trajectory the company has recorded over the years and certainly they have to poach for someone with really good skills. I think they will go for someone with telecom industry experience and will not be surprised to see Sylvia Wairimu Mulinge in the top 3 list.

I don’t think she can make it. She’s the type of people who shine based on the success of other people.

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My reasoning is that Vodafone maintains a strong influence on who succeeds Bob. They had faith in appointing Sylvia Mulinge to head the Tanzania office who was rejected by Tanzania authorities. I think they can still entrust her in running Safaricom. I have doubts that the two James will be easily willing to leave their already thriving successful careers to start a new venture. Lets wait and see anything is possible.

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I agree with deewinc,she is that type of person…Personally, as a very small safaricom shareholder,I wouldnt want her as Safaricom CEO as i dont like her track record and how she has been overseeing her various roles in the company as well as her public image.

Fortunately as you said, you are an extremely small shareholder and therefore your opinion is inconsequential …