Chrome Casting video from Facebook app not working after update

Videos from Facebook are unable to cast using Chromecast With the release of V52. Tab casting from while in Facebook simply doesn’t work. All I see is a Facebook logo on a black background. It doesn’t matter if we cast to a Google TV box or directly to a Chromecast device, Facebook casting does not work.
Other apps like Youtube, CNN are working fine

Anyone else experience this?

If what you mean Facebook has been working before the update then, worry less. Next update will fix all that.

Apparently the issue seems to be bigger than the facebook app… TP-Link engineer who investigated the issue said Google’s chromecast sending hundreds of thousands of data packets in a short amount of time causing the crash of routers… Surprisingly Google has acknowledged the issue promising a fix. so if your internet is acting up and you own a chromecast you might wonna disconnect it for a while
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