China and Technology in Africa

I couldnt find a tag for this, and I understand its a sensitive issue. My main issue here is, are we Africans that incompetent when it comes to technology?

I was disgusted by recent news from an Italian Newspaper claiming China spied on us… FOR FIVE GODAMN YEARS :angry::angry:. My issue is not China spying on us, cuz every country likes to know what others are doing. my issue is, why would we let this happen, for five years? dont we have people who understand tech enough to sweep such buildings for bugs? These are sensitive places which require top notch tech security, by us. not foreigners.

yaani do we have to leave everything to the chinese, including our own security? this needs to change TBH. even these techno and infinixes should have tech communities who check their codes for any malwares and spywares.

one of the best places to start such communities is here on techweez. something similar to xda. we should not always praise their cheap phones without the knowledge of whats going on inside. am not a good coder, I taught myself for crying out loud. all I know is electricity. But those who know should try and check these things.

sorry for the rant techweez. Am just so annoyed by China and all its products right now.

When I read the news. I couldn’t believe. 5 years ni mob sana bana.
Unless our Governments signed something behind it, are we this blind?

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I don’t know why I have never thought of this. Do we have any security analyst on the forum? It would be interesting to know if these phones are totally clean.


…and you think the U.S government is paranoid by wanting to restrict operations of Chinese companies like Huawei in the U.S.?

I don’t think the issue of US Gvt blocking Huawei smartphones has anything to do with security. Blu, a US-based company was found sending user data to servers but they didn’t get such a reaction from the Gvt.

The case of Huawei is about competition. Huawei is already number 3 globally and if they manage to enter the US market, Apple and Samsung are in trouble. My thought is that the competition is lobbying the Gvt. to block Huawei from selling their phones in the US.

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They are not just blocking the sale of smartphones, even telecom equipment.

Also, the fact that they are specifically targeting U.S agencies (like the pentagon) tells you it has something to do with security. It could be competition as well like you said but i also think the U.S government’s concerns about Chinese spying are not without merit.

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exactly maze, I am positive this forum has many programmers capable of tearing down softwares… please update us guys.

Yeah, the story might be two sided, one; whereby US is afraid of competition and dominance, two; China is really a concern. and judging by recent news, both of these apply. blu sent data to china servers… but its a small company… Huawei is capable of taking on big boys and that might be a concern. additionally, telecom equipments (which safaricom embraces wholeheartedly) are dominated by huawie and zte, companies with communist party links.
my main concern was, we as a africans, yaani ata our headquarters inakaa ndee bila inspection ama ni sisi tuko incompetent ivo :laughing:

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:laughing: hahaha ndee part is very fun personal i just checked my phone j found iko na folder inajiita Baidu n another one tencent two of biggest tech companies in china cjui who created dem but i suspect they are for sending data back to china

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Which phone is this?

Plot twist: What if Huawei refused to inject a backdoor on their phones to allow US Gvt. to spy on their citizens and thus the backlash from the Gvt. agencies?


cubot note s

This is a known “issue”

:joy::joy:hahaha but i will upgrade

be careful… kwanza those two are notorious culprits :joy::joy:

Yeah that could be the issue. but again, I think China is not all innocent in this. As a rising power, they need intelligence and am sure they would do anything to gather info. Imagine what if Apple and Google were owned or have the government as the majority shareholders, dont you think the NSA FBI and CIA would take that opportunity to spy people better? Now, ZTE is owned by chinese govt fully. Huawei is a private company, but the owner, who was once in the chinese military, has strong links to the CCP. I think China might be the issue here. However, the US might also have its reasons, including competition and hizo backdoor umesemea

Could also be the growing position of China as a global super-power. Add to the part where Huawei has government interests, putting it right in the cross-hairs of a pissing contest of two countries.


this is more scary sgr is run by chinese miltary we are dealing with chinese amry i dont trust any chinese now beware of this guys i hear in china they are missusing technology they install cctv camera on streets ukibehave vibaya u are denied various services kaa bank loaan unajua communist party has been in news they have no respect for human kind …hawa watu hutuchukia sana we should approach then with caution while doing business…