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Have you ever been a victim of online fraud ? may it you received substandard goods or interacted with fake buyers/sellers?
Well, I’ve been a victim severally and have decided to build a solution around that

mlinzi is a secure online platform, escrow system, that manages trades to ensure honest, trust and quality in transcations

Sign up at and enjoy the experience!!

I welcome your thoughts, views and feedback on how to better improve our platform

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This made Kris Senanu to invest in some payment processor in the Lion’s Den. However, I’m curious to know, how will you resolve disputes?

For example, I’m interested in selling a phone and a buyer buys it but raises a complaint that I sold them a faulty phone. May be swaps it na zile za Luthuli and claim ameuziwa simu imeharibika. How will you solve such an issue?

The one at is so strict that the sellers beg customers not to raise any complaint since DHGate won’t blink to block a seller’s account. Rogue customers might take advantage of such provisions to fraud the sellers.

A lot of Kenyans are dishonest and like finding loopholes to exploit. I’d rather walk into a shop and get a product with warranty.

Concept Sounds great, but too many loopholes will be exploited against sellers and buyers.

Is there a way to know what costs are involved or is this community service?

Thanks @deewinc for the query

For now We have a dispute resolution team that will attend to disputes

Incase of any disputes the team will contact both parties, asking for more details + evidence and use that in resolving the case

However, we are aware that therE might be a few loopholes in that model and that why we are in talks with courior services i.e G4S to be partners
We intend to use them as “our eyes” in that they inspect the goods are upto standards/agreement before dispatching them

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Thanks @BoazKE for expressing your views

Could you mind sharing more insights on some of the loopholes

We are here to solve that :wink: and its by understanding actual pain points that we will better our platform

Alternatively, I can give you a ring and we can engage more. My cell is 0706651053

Hello @martingicheru

The charges are at 3.5% +Mpesa charges

You can view them once you login into our system

We are going to add a fee calculator on the landing page as well

This is cool but don’t you think it might increase the handling charges? I use G4S for valuable items and it’s a bit expensive…

So. Many. Typos.

And on a more serious note, does a comprehensive dispute resolution policy even exist?

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@deewinc yes it may increase the price but look at the bigger picture. Safe, secure and honest trades

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@mister_roboto thanks for pointing that out

I’m on it