Cheapest high spec Android phone in Kenya

I’m finally ready to move back to using an Android smartphone after three years in the Lumia wilderness. Can anyone recommend the cheapest smartphone with the following basic specs: 2 GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 13MP (main camera), 5MP (front camera). I am more into performance and picture quality thus the fore mentioned specs.

You almost described the Alcatel Idol 3. There’s two versions for the 4.7 inch one. a 16GB ROM Dual SIM at 19k and an 8GB ROM at 14k, with Safaricom. I use the former.

Infinix has some options too with the Zero 3

and Infinix Note 2.

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Thanks. Let me read through the reviews shared.

I would bet on the Huawei P8 Lite. The camera is impressive although not iphone-impressive. The performance is more than okay. 13mp back dual flash(), 5mp front (720p), 2gb ram, Android 5.0, octa-core cpu 1.2ghz. Around 23k for the single sim version.

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Reading through the suggestions given and I’ve realized that battery capacity is also a factor. Don’t think it’s worth pursuing a device with lower than 3000mAh

Let me check out the reviews online and look for more specs

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I’m curious to know which one you eventually settled on.

I am also interested in such a phone. Which one did you choose?

I recently got myself last year’s Nexus 6P. This phone is still a powerhouse. Check it’s specs here. I got the 64Gb for 60k in Dubai.

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Cool! How do you like it?

I’ve been an iOS buff for AGES! So you can imagine just how impressed I am by this. I’ve only had it for about two weeks but I’m already playing under the hood like crazy! It’s smooth and buttery to say the least. I hope it doesn’t slow down with tkneike other phones tend to do.

It should be really good then! Thanks!

I am waiting for a NOKIA …

Okay, get back in the queue, no cutting the line.