Cheaper mobile service in exchange for ads

I came across this article recently. Reliance Jio has been shaking up the mobile market in India with cheap prices. Turns out they also monetise by serving ads on the subscribers phones. From the article

fullscreen overlay ads. The ads appear intermittently but they’ll almost always show up after you disconnect a phone call or when you are charging the device.

It’s interesting that you can’t block some ads and they can only be disabled by customer care on request.

I wonder if this would work in our market? Would you mind having a few ads in exchange for cheaper prices?


I wouldn’t mind at all.


So long story short the service provider is making user privacy a premium feature?

I just don’t see the appeal. But maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy.

Kwangu the cost savings would have to be quite significant


I think I would rather pay for the device than have ads served immediately I disconnect from a call.

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I find them disturbing & very personal. Wachanipambane na simu za bei ghali

I get the impression these are not subsidized devices. Even if you pop in the sim card in your own device you will get the ads, presumably from their apps that you install to manage your mobile service(Compulsory install for some services) and other complementary services they offer.

I’m not a huge fan of ads but I’ve used some of my friends and relatives phones that are so full of ads and they think it’s normal and it doesn’t bother them. They would jump on it so fast. Imagine a future where you could get a 2bob a minute + ads tariff only from the Safaricom app, or even cheaper faiba 4g data for a few ads. :thinking:

The devil is in the detail. How much does the service provider make from serving ads?

When you stop being the consumer and start being the product, you are already losing out.