Cheap ISP for home

Hi guys. I am looking for an affordable but reliable ISP for my home use. My needs are very simple; I only need to run my emails (working from home) and maybe popping in to social media every now and then, mostly on phone.
My family (wifey + kids) are also on phones (social media, You Tube etc). Something unlimited to maybe occasionally watch or download a movie.
I had reached out to Poa Internet but they are out of range after they did their tests.
I am looking to not spending more than 2000bob a month. I am located about 5km from Kiambu town.

Any info will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Depending on your needs and location you’ll need to bump up your budget. The only options you have is Safaricom LTE or Liquid Telkom WiMax that start at 3,500/= pm.

Otherwise, you can try resellers that use Nanostations to provide internet services. And deal with service outages 24/7 :joy::joy::joy:

Try reseller that use nanostations. You can find a good one but usually the reliable ones are a bit expensive especially after Safaricom capped their internet a while back and put a lot of them out of business. If you really want a long-term solution just pay for Safaricom’s LTE.