Cheap Home nternet

Mtu anataka Port ya Liquid Telkom ya Home Fibre ?
Location: Tatu city Opposite Btl
Nakupea Port you manage for yourself

Shared Connection
1)100mbps for 11499ksh Monthly
2)50mbps for 6554ksh Monthly
3)25mbps for 5174ksh Monthly

What port?

In networking speak it means you have a connection point in a network… it can be a data centre, network switch etc … @Katwin does liquid telecom provide active pon or it’s just passive aka gpon?

Did you forget the r in the pon…

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:joy::joy::joy::smirk: Ghaseer

:sweat_smile: but in seriousness active optical networks (AON) have big advantage against passive optical networks (PON) …each customer has their own dedicated connection as the cable is not split/spliced …i.e no contention although all of them have to be run back to box/centre… The ISP can easily upgrade your connection by upgrading their gear at that mini data center/box …

Snazzy Labs did a nice tour of such a fibre network provider he’s a customer of …