ChatGPT: AI at almost it's best

Some few months ago, I read this book “Ai Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order: Lee, Kai-Fu” (just read a chapter or two). The author claims that the 21st century “electricity” is data. This conversation culminates to AI and humanity bla bla bla… Then we have ChatGPT released on November 23rd 2022. Tried it out and the results were amazing. Check out these screenshots below.
First tried with a nursing job application letter.

Then instructed the bot to write an Arduino code.

Then asked to write same code with a few alterations. The bot was able to follow the conversation and make necessary changes.


The Robots are coming…

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ChatGPT is great but its a sign that AI is now coming to everyday consumer products in a more subtle and useful way.

Even Microsoft is working on integrating ChatGPT in Word.

Unfortunately ChatGPT was so good, it is being Toned/ Dumbed down due to public demand…

I hear MS is integrating it with Bing. Major threat to Google Search

I read some news they are spending USD 10B on the owner – OpenAI

After ChatGPT, Microsoft has also launched it’s AI tool VALL-E. It’s a text-to-speech model.

Hopefully better than what they have been having because that was terrible!

They’re a major financier of OpenAI.

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ChatGPT is a successful gateway in AI even Microsoft is also launching another news Icirculating the internet is ChatGPT can down Google in the first place so what are your thoughts about it?

Not the connection you’d like to hear about ChatGPT and Kenya…


Bytheway that’s 50K per month, so it’s not that bad.

Nimepata walikua wanapewa 1200 but wanalipa 1.34. Wakenya hatuwezi saidika.

The 2 dollars an hour figure is for supervisors, entry level staff make much less. Closer to 20k a month after tax.

And, for anyone who actually read the article, salary isn’t the staff’s complaint. Their issue is with the graphic content they are exposed to and the poor working conditions.

They would be down if they were paid at least 4 dollars per hour. 20k per month to view graphic content is not worth it.

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Issue is not majorly the compensation(however it creeps up with comparison with other countries)…

However, it’s the nature of the work and safeguards put up by the company Sama…it used to go by as Samasource. I remember the name from the horrid conditions of content moderation specifically for FaceBook that I think resulted in a lawsuit.

… and here is an eerily and similar repeat of this. I do wonder if this contributes to mental health incidences. I know it’s NOT a topic to be discussed openly & be given needed attention in KE(plus other things like economic strife) but I do wonder …

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