CES 2019 kickoff: NVIDIA and PC news

CES has started out with a bang and today, we have seen a flurry of news from laptop manufacturers and NVIDIA.

Starting with NVIDIA, they announced the RTX GPUs for laptops which is something we’ve been waiting for a while. They are incredibly powerful and apparently the laptop RTX 2080 is more powerful than the desktop 1080. Also, NVIDIA announced the RTX 2060 which is more powerful than the GTX 1070Ti and retails for $349

Thanks to the announcement of the new RTX mobile GPUs, we started seeing manufacturers announcing over 40 new laptops with these GPUs and the craziest so far is the Asus ROG Mothership GZ700

2019 will be a great year for PC gaming on laptops it seems.

i am personally following up on CES 2019 news coming out of vegas…mostly interested in unique gaming hardware concepts like Nvidia’s BFG or Gaming TVs as well as see what interesting software and hardware is up on display from various manufacturers like rollable portable tvs/displays

Can’t wait for the amd ryzen 3rd gen processors
Haha I have 2nd gen in stock on Jumia if you into overkill PC builds

For building PC for heavy games i think heavy graphics card is very necessary.

Rectify your link @Patricjane, it’s not working…