Casual Running Difficulty

I normally run about 6km 3 or 4 times a week for cardio workout. Problem is that I can’t seem to be able to run for more than 300m or 400m without stopping for a breather. I’m trying to run 5km non-stop. I’ve got no clue how I’ll be able to accomplish that. I get enough rest, in that I never run two days in a row, neither is my diet constrained.

I noticed that in marathons, the runners refuel during the run. There are what they call “runner energy gels”. They take this after every about 20 min. I’m going to get them and try to see if I will be able to extend my range. If i can crack sustaining a pace for a long distance, I’ll be the happiest.

Any pointers?

Try the 2:1 breathing ratio, over time you’ll build up the resilience. Check this guide: How to Breathe While Running: 9 Tips and Techniques to Try

Breathing and overall technique are important. Pace your yourself and build your distance incrementally. Include a warm-up and cool down in all your exercises.

A good warm-up ensures you don’t run on cold muscles and your mind is in the game. Both also play a role of clearly demarcating a period for your exercise.

Finally don’t do just cardio. Workout your shoulders, traps, chest, back, biceps, triceps, core, glutes, hamstrings, calves …etc in your weekly/bi-weekly routines. Balance all of this with periodic stretches and recovery for your body and mind. I have found Yoga to help me build breathe, improve posture, release tension, focus mentally and generally rest (HAVE A SCHEDULE!!).

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How long have you been running. When I started running I also had to stop after 400m, then it became 800m and later 5km. I later switched to cycling.

Do consult a physician when using these gels.

Follow this and you are good to go. There are also many 5k and 10k plans online that can help you build endurance (it takes time but worth it) and as Adrian said make sure you stretch before and after your runs

I used to run 10,000 meters while in primary and high school. Finish the race and play 90 minutes of soccer and still jump up and down before calling it a day.

But all that energy disappeared following a Swamp Fever (Leptospirosis) attack to our school. 12 students died. The press only got to report about 6 students.

I was among the first victims to be hospitalized. Many of us still remain with side effects to date. Sometimes, I miss those days dearly. I was a cardio beast.