Can't Talk App that Auto-replies to WhatsApp Texts, your opinions?

This Android app auto-replies to WhatsApp texts when you’re busy called can’t talk, how good is it?

I have seen it around. Haven’t tried it but I don’t think it is possible to answer your question on “how good is it”

It’s simply a pre-set text that is sent to anyone who messages you during the set period that you are “away”

@Bree why don’t you try it and tell us about it. I think it’s not a good idea to throw someone pre-set texts even if you are busy. They might be okay the first time but subsequent messages make you seem snobbish. I’d rather ignore the messages until I get time to read them. This way the sender will know that I haven’t got to them yet. IMHO auto responder is great for email but not instant messaging services.

Um I read about it today and I found it “weird” that I have to get another app and “connect” it to my WhatsApp and stuff. Curious tu because if this was a WhatsApp cant talk now combo then maybe we all could have gotten the memo. (Paranoid thoughts)

I think it does pretty much what it says it does. Don’t worry about privacy because the app probably serves tons of other people and the developers couldn’t snoop on people’s chats because of the sheer number of them. Apps like this have existed for Facebook, G+, and Twitter for as long as I can remember. Those are even more advanced giving you an all-in-one dashboard to view and reply to incoming messages from all your connections no matter where they are from with numerous stat-collecting capabilities.

I guess that’s where apps like can’t talk will go eventually of they somehow generate mass appeal.