Can you trust windows defender as your antivirus

At times i see notifications that windows defender has Quarantined items that were potentially harmful…can i forsake an anti-virus and go for the little windows defender offers??

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I would recommend using the free version of Avira or Avast. Combined with common sense advice like regular backups, dont use an account with admin privileges and you have a secure machine.
Unless you are in a corporate environment you really wont miss out on the extra features in a paid anti virus solution.

@paulwanjohi97…I thought windows defender had my back and it was all I needed. I was a huge crusader of just needing that. Well that changed a few days ago when I unfortunately installed a software with some serious malware. Windows defender recognized it and said it had quarantined the item and was removing it up until it got disabled by the virus. I couldn’t switch it back on, its like it never existed on my machine. So there I was neck deep in a whole lot of Chinese mambo jambo using up all my resources to run God knows what and Windows Defender just back out.

I fixed my machine by rolling it back to state it was the day before and installed ESET to flush out any remainder or hidden malware that Windows defender may have missed. It came back on and acted like nothing happened :unamused: After that, I uninstalled ESET just because I still have some faith in Windows Defender

Granted it did warn me before I ran that software but I convinced myself that it was overreacting and that I know better. Lesson here, I probably do not know it all

Last used Windows back in 2007 so my anti-virus knowledge is definitely wanting. However, as with all heuristic based systems, its always easy to fool any AV. There are various AV evasion techniques especially if the malware of exploit resides in memory hence evading any user-land detection methods.

Personally, I don’t think i’d rely on any antivirus.

Windows defender has some degree of protection just in-case you don’t have a more powerful antivirus in emergency situations like when you have just re-installed windows and you have to go online to download a free version AVG/AVIRA/AVAST/PANDA. Personally I have never trusted it when it comes to average use because I have noticed computers being infected with W.defender unaware.

you will be shocked how Linux has many loopholes, the reason why copies of Linux OS has few viruses is just because its not popular among average users but servers running on ClearOS/RedHat/Obuntu have been infected and data corrupted with ransom-ware. Dark hackers are smart to go where money is.

There is no OS in existence (and there never will be) that doesn’t have security weaknesses. A lot of the issues with viruses on Windows machines are a result of user actions such as using software from unverified sources. On a Linux machine you really have to go out of your way to get a malware infection.

And you are wrong about the “hackers”. The money is in the servers that handle our financial transactions, online markets and social media accounts. No surprise then that they are majority are powered by Linux.

Your statement is very fallacious. I never mentioned the non-existence of viruses/malware on Linux. If you understood the file system on Linux/Unix then you’d appreciate it’s not a monolithic system like Windows. This means you compartmentalize the permissions and roles which diminish the chances of being randomly infected by wayward code.
I still maintain even on Linux boxes, antiviruses are bypassable so it has nothing to do with the resident OS.

Yes of course windows defender works great when it comes for providing security to your device.
Windows defender protect your system from certain threats. You just have to keep it updated.

But to keep your system secure from other threats you must have good antivirus software like Systweak Antivirus.

For the Past 10 Years have only had Windows Defender on my Laptop. Haven’t had any Security incidences that I know of. …

My take is windows defender has improved a lot in terms of security since its earliest days in windows 10.I would also recommend adding in kaspersky free for additional protection in some small way for those who prefer free security products.