Can this concept work in Kenya?

HI guys just read about this startup on Techcrunch. Basically they wrap your car in adverts and pay you a monthly fee. My question is can this idea work in the local market?


I remember when Heshan da Silva was big, he told me that he has patented such an idea for public transport, radio but only accessed via a fleet of buses. Said he was going to launch it in New York before going out to more markets.

I believe Roma Media had something like that for Kenya Bus Service, but each installation was stand-alone and content needed to be refreshed each time.

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Their website (Roma Media) is not that useful. What is the fate of the company?I think it could be interesting for personal cars. Could you speculate user uptake if this were to be implemented in personal cars?

Personal cars could be quite a tough call because implementation could mean a difference between your fancy blue Subaru and some bland look that takes back all that. Do you think that would pass through the regulators due to the nature of distraction it presents on a large scale?

Ok good point on maintaining aesthetic look. I guess the question now becomes how much money would you accept to drive a billboard. I also think Regulators would pounce on such a venture but not because of distraction maybe because they want a cut?..

That can be quite a good motivator.

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