Can I use MPESA to pay for Google Services/Apps from Play Store?

I came across this screenshot :point_down:t5:on Reddit. Apparently, it’s possible to make Purchases from Play store using MPESA?

Is it possible?

From the Google Payments, I can only see either debit or credit cards are allowed.

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Bought an app a few days ago. I did not see the mpesa option. Must be in the works or something.

Actually, you have to select more/other payment options other than the one you have included. That’s how I have been able to spot Mpesa

Here it is

**So my curiosity has led to try out with this app **

This is so cool

Just like that

@Fbwonda thanks for the heads up!

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Just seen the option, unfortunately, my Mpesa line is on iPhone, my android line has no Mpesa. Been prompted to enter Mpesa pin.

Your username and post are a match made in heaven.

Holycow! Just seen the option, unfortunately, my Mpesa line is on iPhone, my android line has no Mpesa. Been prompted to enter Mpesa pin.



haiyayayaya… sasa ndio nimesota kabisa… mpesa on playstore!!! woi, najionea huruma :laughing::laughing:


Avoid depositing to Mpesa

I have wanted this feature for so many years and its finally here!

Wait. You don’t have a Safaricom line on your android device and it still prompted you to enter M-Pesa PIN on your iPhone? Or what do you mean?

Mpesa not activated on the Android line. Mpesa is on iPhone.

Can’t see the option neither :worried::worried:

For you to see the option Google Play needs to recognize your carrier as Safaricom. So Zima second Sim, put Safaricom as SIM 1. Reboot Mara kadhaa then you should see the Mpesa Xpress option.

Please explain this part of your statement.

The line @holycow uses on Android is not set up for use with Mpesa. Somehow, Mpesa is requesting for a pin and yet the line does not have Mpesa activated.

They only use Mpesa on the other line in a different phone.

I think. :slight_smile:

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This is awesome news indeed. I wonder how they are handling refunds, especially if you uninstall the app within the refund window.

Exactly, it’s requesting for an Mpesa PIN that doesn’t exist.

I hope this clears the unclear part.

That’s weird… I thought it only “calls” the SIM toolkit of the phone number it reads… But how do we explain what’s happening here…

I’ve edited out this entry because Kenyan developers have been earning from Play Store since June.

Now what I’m not sure is how they get paid.

i still havent seen that payment option on my google play store.

For some reason Safaricom disabled Mpesa Xpress on my google playstore. I have used it three times, but when I decided to pay with it this morning I noticed it wasn’t there anymore. The last time I used it was like two weeks ago.

The funny thing is I asked Google for assistance and they called me (for at least 30 minutes trying to troubleshoot everything) but later connected me to safaricom since the issue was not on their side. The safaricom agent seemed like he doesn’t know such a feature exists. He asked me to “add mpesa xpress on playstore” despite that the issue was it wasn’t showing up.

Niliboeka nikamwambia sawa :man_facepalming:t5:

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