CAK Wins Case to Have the Authority to Whip Without Consulting Competition Authorty

Some good news guys. What do you think about this?

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Hopefully CAK will bring sanity in the mobile money transfer market which according to me safaricom is abusing its dorminance

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Airtime does not expire
Lines don’t expire
Lower data to $1 per 1GB
Make number porting as simple as 15 min at customer care
Send, withdraw, mobile money at KES 10 per 10,000

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But let’s hope Safaricom will not be punished for other people’s lazyness.

If we all can remember, by 2004, Airtel (KenCell then) had the largest number of customers and they used to brag about it.

Largest networkâś”
Clearest callsâś”
Excellent customer care :heavy_check_mark:

But somewhere down memory lane, Safaricom decided to up their game.

Brought down the cost of simcards from 2,500/= bob to 100/= bob. (Bought my line then when I was still in highschool and mom gave me a Siemens M30 the ka Orange matunda phone. Someone stole it later that year when I was sitting for my Chemistry practicals :sob::sob::sob:)

I think in 2005 networks had introduced dial-up internet @10bob per minute on Safaricom and @5bob per minute on Airtel.

In 2006, we saw Safaricom introduce 2G internet on Edge. 10bob per MB but then Celtel introduced it at 12bob per MB.

Then came Mpesa in 2007.

Later on Michael Joseph introduced the 8mb per day @10bob. Celtel was still a sleep. Ooh Zain bought it and here networks lost it.

It still pains me buying an Orange simcard paying for unlimited a week and there was no internet despite having a signal. I threw away the simcard.

I still remember reporting YU Mobile to CCK then and they sent engineers to rectify network problems and it only lasted for a day. When I tried to reach out the engineers they told me shida iko kwa marketing department juu wamekataa kuskia plea yao ya kuongeza booster around home juu ile iko karibu iko mbali sana.

We know how long it took Airtel to launch 3G. So I pitched camp at Safaricom. Most of us will agree to that. So their success is based on hardwork, dedication, and commitment and not domance. While they were working others were sleeping.

Lower data to $1 per 1GB
Send, withdraw, mobile money at KES 10 per 10,000

Meanwhile at Safaricom…


:joy::joy::joy: hahahaha

I don’t doubt that they would react like this. Unfortunately Kenya isn’t a quick to react market, it’ll take time but when it does winning people back will be difficult - see DSTV and their exit plans.

Enlighten me (us) please.

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Their parent company is in talks to sell the Pay TV division in Africa - except SA which is still profitable :eyes: - to MIN.

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This might one of those decisions that come back to bite you years later.

Traditional satellite companies are switching to TV over broadband. UK’s Sky plan to offer their entire TV service over broadband in 2018.

I would consider getting DSTV if the entire catalog was fed over an internet connection.

Sorry @martingicheru for going offtopic. :slight_smile:

No worries. I remember telling their product team to consider unbundling the DStv Now app which functions like Netflix and selling subscription at 1k monthly. Currently it’s an extra for premium subscribers. Based on their feedback it didn’t seem like something they would consider.

Oooh my. Sad news for real. [quote=“Trey, post:10, topic:1344”]
Sorry @martingicheru for going offtopic.

I’m sure he will understand us for going off topic :innocent:

DSTV has lost clout locally because it initially had a monopoly in the Kenyan Pay TV space,they failed to adapt adequately to the rise of the internet and formed the wrong partnerships locally…Their business is struggling because of a classic case of cord cutting…Digital TV migration levelled the playing field while reducing costs of broadcasting thus lowering cost of entry…Internet penetration has led to the rise of online video services like netflix,youtube,showmax e.t.c.So now its very difficult for DSTV to compete locally and gain marketshare like startimes did…Its a classic case of proper disruption,Most who still have DSTV is because of the live football matches and exclusive niche content which is also apparently available and being offered to some extent by competitors online.

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Hiyo wishlist ya @TeriWanderi is very wishful.

I would prefer cheaper data bundles and 1% transaction fees on M-Pesa

1% is too high as 70K would mean 700, which is 2x as much as the highest rate. Id go with a KES 1 for every KES 1000 that is transferred. Banks charge either ZERO fees or minimum of 33/- and Max of 66/- for their ATMs at the daily limit of 40K (50K with special arrangements which incurs higher fee) This would be fair, so anyone going above the limit can pay extra for the service.

No need for inter platform money transfer as P2P system would be collectively owned. While not ideal, better this than one monopoly and would be temporary until open source blockchain becomes mainstream.

By 2020 more phones will have a virtual simcard meaning USSD will be less and less secure (if someone can simply clone the chip on virtual machines and use them for fraud)

Apologies @martingicheru for the mixed topics