Cab Hailing App ShareCab Introduced in Kenya with no Driver Commissions

While drivers aligned with Uber, Taxify and Little in Kenya go up in arms about reduced incomes, a new player, Sharecab comes in with a proposition to solve that for them. By eliminating driver commissions entirely. What they do instead is charge a Kshs 2000 monthly membership fee and that’s it.

The owners of ShareCab are a software company, just like Little is owned by Craft Silicon. These are the titans in the battle for taxi market. Now it will be interesting to note that the owner of ShareCab was also a co-founder of the flopped My1963, a payments card that was launched by Safaricom for the PSV sector, to digitize payments.

These services including those of Beba Pay were fought with an iron fist by the Matatu Owners Association. It was so sad seeing young guys straight from high school who had secured jobs with these companies lose their jobs.

This might be the killer. Great idea. The 2K per month is a great idea. I so welcome this move. This means more earnings to the cab owner and cheaper rates to the customers.

Unfortunately it’s not really cheaper for the customer. The price is similar to the competition.

Which I think is okay if the driver is happier. But I really want to understand what the owners of the app consider as ROI if it’s a subscription based model versus commissions based. Growth is dependent on having people use the platform without falling off and signing up new numbers. Unless they introduce tiers, the growth trend looks close to horizontal.