CA to clamp down on illegal e-commerce platforms

That title is very misleading. The clampdown is on illegal courier services.

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The Star isn’t usually a source of quality journalism but in this context the headline is accurate.

Actually, CA is targetting the courier services not the e-commerce platforms.

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It’s right there in the second line of that blurb but lets ignore that :roll_eyes:

I am not sure what you’re reading, but the article you linked is talking about unlicensed courier services that are making e-commerce businesses look bad.

Read the entire article, not just the first few lines.

This comes quite close after Sendy which is one of the companies Safaricom uses applied to cancel their logistics license claiming that they are just a technology company, not a logistics company.

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its a tough local scene for startups

Then i read somewhere that CAK is on Masoko claiming it violates Safaricom licensing terms someone make me understand why masoko is still up if its illegal i think we got a big problem with the regulator and thats where the conversation should start.

I also read something about this.

They also use Sendy who had their courier license revoked.

Something to do with delivery of purchases. Though not sure.

ION - I don’t see how CAK is going to clamp down non-compliant ecommerce platforms. Downtown businesses are in plenty operating such platforms.

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haha the star and their misleading over & over again

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The Star misled you. If you read the story, it was mentioned by CA that Safaricom is allowed to run Masoko, however, if they decided to do the deliveries themselves then that would violate their license since they don’t have a logistics license as of now.

I don’t know what is wrong with The Star and going with clickbait titles.

Thanks for clarity