Buying SSDs in Kenya

Hey guys, as you all know, SSD prices have fallen significantly in the past few years. This is thanks to new 3D V-NAND technologies that has resulted in more memory dense SSDs such as QLC and TLC (if you don’t know the difference between SSDs, just google).

However, the prices are still sky high in Kenya. You will find guys selling Sata TLC half TB for 30k :unamused:. Is it because of taxes or guys are just exploiting the ignorance in this tech locally? For example, Saruk sells a 256gb 2.5" SATA TLC Samsung EVO SSD for 13k!!! Thats the price of an M.2 NVMe Crucial 1TB QLC SSD on Amazon ($99 actually)!! (EVO is not a special word, it just means TLC drive, PRO is MLC, Qvo is QLC-the cheapest)

Is there any shop locally that sells SSDs at fair prices??? Share your thoughts.

This will jog your mind a little bit. However, other than NVMe and SATA, there are other factors that differentiate SSDs.

SATA or NVMe SSDs differ on how they are built. Currently, we have SLC (the most expensive and durable NAND SSDs, only available for data centers), MLC, TLC, and QLC. (Google about this, nikianza explanation utaboeka)

Nowadays, however, Intel and Micron have another type of SSD tech called 3D XPoint. Its waaay faster than NAND flash SSDs and durable. But for now they are EXPENSIVE.

So yeah in Kenya, I have inquired a bit about SSD prices and it is true, they haven’t fallen that much over here. The guys over here are either trying to recoup their initial high cost of getting the device plus the various taxes, if they brought the devices via proper channels.

Since we are at a disadvantage of not buying such tech at the dead cheap prices like abroad, it is better to just ship them over here via third party vendors like VituMob and the likes.

Same case with RAM. I wouldn’t advice to buy them over here. Just ship


Unintended summary of how higher tax does not necessarily equal more tax income for the government.
We as Kenya need to decide whether we want to be a trade hub like Dubai, or a manufacturing hub like most of East Asia.


Have been thinking about building a custom rig but the cost alone for taxes and shipment are atrocious …

That is the sad thing about living in this side of the world. You’ll have to account for shipping and taxes sigh

Bought mine on amazon with statesduka and paid about 2000Kes pekee on top of the cost of the ssd.
Really doesn’t make sense to buy in Kenya.

Same boat my friend. I canceled my dreams of a custom rig since it would be unrealistically expensive. Now I am choosing a workstation laptop or gaming laptop

I used avechi global shopping and got Samsung QVO 1 Tb for approx 2K shipping. and product price 10K.
Total 12K
Your best bet is shipping companies.
Cons might have to wait for max a month for shipping. But its totally worth the wait compared to paying 20K for the same.

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I have shipped sth from Amazon and I don’t think I need these third part services to keep me waiting for long. The cost is almost the same but theirs is a little higher.
Problem is when it can’t ship to Kenya…

just curious, how is tax handled especially for tech products, is it the fee that you give amazon?
or you have to pay at customs too

They charge you everything at the time of purchase. I feel their taxes are a little high but still cheaper than other services.

Oooh. i guess mileage might vary…since amazon quoted me 4K for shipping and handling, for a SSD and Import deposit fees

Essentially you saying, if Amazon tell me, item will cost “x” dollars plus shipping that is what I will eventually pay to have the goods delivered to me in Kenya if indicated that it ships to Kenya?

What they quote is what you will pay nothing else unlike AliExpress

Then do they ship to your postal address or they do local delivery?

I’ll give it a try and see. Thank you.

Yes. They did so via nation. So i picked from nation office closest where I am. The package had been shipped by aramex