Buying Smartphones from Safaricom, do you do that?

Just curious, do you buy smartphones from Safaricom? Is Dual SIM (and some cost savings) important to you?

Nope,the last phone i bought from safaricom was the ideos,since then i seek better deals online or in shops in town.

Who does that? Its like Safaricom only targets the elite of Kenya and those who don’t know better… Devices from Safaricom are always expensive (at least 5k more for devices costing 40k>). I don’t know why they don’t like contracts but they could benefit significantly through them. EG, make a deal with Nokia, Sammy…etc, then sell device at a cheaper price than the competition but with a catch (monthly payments with bundled data and minutes, at normal rates or cheaper sio shylocking). Also, they have Mpesa and this should be used to sell devices on loans, BUT, the total price should not exceed buying unlocked device by more than 5%.

Well, I have recently bought a phone from Safaricom and I do refer people to go there. Especially people of the older generation. I just tell them to go to Safaricom because it’s easier for both of us - I don’t have to spend time ordering the phone for them and they don’t have to keep worrying that the device is a fake.

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Except for my current Nokia 2, all my phones I have bought from safaricom ,but recently they are lacking variety and still retain big prices for 4 year old phones, I also wish they updated their online shop to what is in their shops, you might find a phone online but not instock

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i agree with saruni,they are the easiest shop to direct someone to for phone purchases and support…

Unfortunately for me I don’t


  1. It’s Safcon
  2. Lack of dual sim - VERY important
  3. Prices are always higher than other shops I buy from
  4. They give you data which ‘runs out faster’ than the regular data you’d buy
  5. Stories of faulty phones and poor return policies aren’t anything I’m up for
  6. They never really have the color or model you want
  7. Endless queuing in a noisy & stuffy outlet

I’ve been buying from the same person for 5 years now. They always tell me when phones are available, the price and even advise me on whether it’s a good purchase or not based on prior customer feedback and the number of cases reported at their repair shops.

They’ll hold the phone for me if it’s the last unit and won’t sell it even to a higher paying customer as long as I pick it in the agreed time-frame (great when you can’t pay because your bank is having a systems upgrade). They even let me take the phone home and test it before making a decision (I can use the phone but not the accessories). When I have older people who want a phone, I send them to one of the outlets and they’ll do what they can to migrate their data for the customer.

If i’m not near, they’ll send a rider with the phone to where I am. They aren’t so arrogant that they think YOU, a paying customer, should come to them when they can make it easier for you.

For those in town, the outfit I’ve been recommending the last 3 months is Redbox Solutions.* They don’t have a shop nor do they invest in fancy marketing campaigns. What they have done for me is had an ear to the ground to know when products are available or sold out in the market. They also provide cost friendly service.

With service levels like that why would I buy from safcon?

*I am not affiliated with them in any ownership/professional/reseller capacity. They just come through for me hence the shout out.

Could you explain this in English?

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Surely how do you test a phone without unboxing it :thinking:

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I don’t buy phones in Safaricom Shops but i occasionally visit their shops just to check on their mobile phone pricing reason being that’s how i sometimes get my hustle on. How you ask? Well being the tech guy in our office i always get approched by not-so-tech-savvy colleagues who want to buy phones but are always confused by the numerous various models in the market. After going through what they want in a phone and the budget they are working with i always suggest a phone Safaricom is selling and quote for them those same prices. If the person goes to Safaricom and buys the phone themselves thats well and good, but when he or she decides to give me the cash to go buy the phone for them i usually go to my trusted source in Luthuli Avenue and buy them the same phone i would’ve bought at Safaricom but at a more affordable price thereby making a cool 2-4k from the purchase money. Not to mention the extra cash they will give you after you deliver the phone to them :slightly_smiling_face:


These Wakanda people watatuonyesha maneno.

Won’t they need a receipt for obvious reasons?

Yes i always give them the receipt from where i bought the phone from (which is obviously not Safaricom). This is how the hustle works, first you only mention the price of the phone to the person expecting two scenarios,

Scenario 1
The person says he/she can buy it by themselves. In this scenario i loose out coz the person then asks where to buy the phone from of which i suggest Safaricom Shops and they go right ahead and buy the phone by themselves. Sometimes i get a little lucky in this scenario when they come back with their newly acquired phone and request i help them transfer their contacts or media from their old phone to the new one. Here I can get a loose 500/- for lunch.

Scenario 2
The person gives me the cash to go buy the phone on their behalf. In this scenario i gain coz remember i did not mention where i was going to source the phone from, i only mentioned the price, (at this point ‘Safaricom Shop’ will not come out of my mouth) Most dont ask where i buy the phones from (coz well they trust me) and if at all they do ask (which is rare coz most have been referred by people i’ve bought phones for in the past) i just tell them, "Relax this is my area just leave it to me, i know fake phones from genuine ones i will get you an original phone like i did ‘so n so’ (insert name of the referer). After going to my source i return later with the phone and a receipt with the Safaricom price indicated on it. (Luthuli guyz have no problem writing any price you tell them on the receipt coz they know you are hustling) I make a cool 2-4k from this scenario depending on the type of phone bought. On top of that you may get extra cash for your so called ‘trouble for getting the phone’ or for later setting up the phone for them.

I can use the phone but not the accessories

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While I was shopping for a phone recently I found out that their Huawei phones are cheaper as compared to other sellers.

I will never do that again. Biggest mistake I ever did

Why? I’m intrigued.

I’ve bought 2 phones from Safaricom Shops in my lifetime. First one was an LG GU280 slide phone back in 2011 at the Moi Avenue shop. Was one of the new 3G phones in the market back then n it cost me 8k, siwes sahau, was just fresh from high school n it was my first “real” phone :joy: . I loved that phone na nakumbuka was very delicate with it that day and even reluctant to give it to my pal to have a look at it hehehe. On getting home followed the 8 hour rule and charged it. Phone developed an issue that same day. Was listening to music while on Facebook then the phone just hang all over sudden n switched off. On trying to boot it it was stuck at the LG logo then switched off. Was so stressed. Took it back to the shop the following morning and they directed me to Telebell Limited at View Park towers.
Since the phone was on warranty the guys at Telebell took it and said that they would repair it in a weeks time then call me. Well they did call me but to inform me that they could not repair it and that they had to order for a new device to be shipped in from Korea in 2 weeks time, so i had to wait for another 2 weeks with no phone. Then they called me, rushed to pick up the phone., had no issues at all for the next two years till i got my first smartphone.
Then last time I bought a phone at a Safaricom Shop, 2016, bought a Lenovo A1000 there coz it was on offer and I needed a phone urgently. Was pretty bummed on realizing that it’s a single sim. But since I’d already made the decision to buy it there and made the effort to get to the shop (Kimathi street) I went ahead and purchased it. A week later the phone started having issues on booting and eventually refused to boot altogether. Went back to the shop and they directed me to Telebell again. Left the phone there and they called me after a week to pick it up. I realized it wasn’t the same phone., but it was still a Lenovo A1000, a dual sim one., nilinyamaza tu and counted my blessings :joy::joy:
Since then I avoid going to Safaricom Shops primarily coz they dont sell dual sim phones, but also coz of fearing that the phone might develop issues again and I have to be phone-less for a while, even though the warranty comes in handy

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