Buying refurbished phone, is it safe?

Hi People,
Has anyone bought a refurbished phone before? Is it as good as new?
I’m considering buying Samsung S8, I saw one at saruk.
Should I go for it?

Anything short of certified refurbished I would run away … A key question to ask attendants of the shop is whether the device has a warranty not from them but the OEM who made it and if the warranty is local.

I understand you are trying to save some money but if the experience turns not be worth the time, frustration, cost etc …then forget it! A red flag that I have seen are blanks in the return policy and standard terms of sale pages.

Lastly on phones especially resale or refurbished. I have been told horror stories by people being called by the police to be told they stole the device they are using …etc though here you would get a receipt of purchase. I would recommend insisting on depositing the money in their account or an m-pesa just to be certain you have transactional history …

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Thanks @Adrian_Teri for the insightful response. I got one piece today (Certified Samsung S8) at Saruk. It’s pretty solid and they give a 3 month warranty. Just a day in and it’s pretty ok. The camera, phone call quality and general software experience are in order. I’ll update this thread over the next few months.

You have a transaction evidence that states clearly what you bought and it’s serial number, right?

I guess am late for an advise, but in my opinion, you could have bought a brand new S8 elsewhere for the same price you bought refurbished phone from Saruk. Or added 10k and got New S9. (Assuming you bought refurb for 36k). Why didn’t you…?

Elsewhere? :thinking:

Links please…

I would not advice getting the S9 over the S8 because the design and performance are not so diff. The kicker however is the relative poor battery life of the S9 observed in some units.
You can look at GSMARENA’s battery ratings.

  • S8 vs S9 - 84h vs 78h

  • S8+ vs S9+ - 88h vs 86h

Also have a look at cnet’s article about the same.

Jumia, phoneplacekenya, avechi, phones and tablets… I don’t know why he chose saruk for Samsung… A refurb for that matter

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In some units. S9 has more power, RAM, few camera improvements… And, if you care about software updates, need I say which one is better at this time…?

Security updates come through but if you want timely feature updates then you buying into the wrong brand …

Comparing only Samsungs… S9 will get an additional major software… Cuz it came out later obviously.

Phoneplacekenya was out of stock. What’s wrong with buying from Saruk?

They are good at refurbished devices, especially iPhones, but androids, you need to check other places for new phones before getting a refurb. Especially older flagships, they drop in price significantly after a year unlike iPhones.

Galaxy S8 refurbished might be 35k which is the price of new a Xiaomi mi 8.

I just like the display and size of S8. That was the biggest factor for my decision. Also, I’m not a fan of MIUI.

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