Buying on social media or on online stores, which do you prefer?

If there is something I have come to learn over the years is to never underestimate the limitless power of social media. In my opinion, It has become the single driving point for e-commerce in our country. I have no idea who decided to first do it, but they may have single-handedly made e-commerce accessible to every single person. You most probably have joined one of the marketplace groups on Facebook where you can buy and sell items freely. No doubt, these marketplaces have made an impact on the e-commerce culture in Kenya.

Both platforms(social media and online stores) have evolved over time and have found their ‘niche’ in the market. I tend to believe buying on Facebook has a sense of familiarity and realism as this is a platform that we have used to connect with friends and family. This allows us to identify with the people selling there, its informal, easy and relatable. Due to its lack of restrictions, you can sell just about anything. I think this is the appeal of such a platform. But it does have its pitfalls. Being so open and unrestricted doesn’t protect you from fraudulent people. You need to be careful.

On other end, stores like Jumia, Kilimall, Kaymu, Rupu, OLX etc have also evolved over time. With the increase of ease of Kenyans to e commerce, they are finding the right things to sell in order to tap into the vast market. What they have over sellers on social media is definitely resources. They have the resources to support country wide delivery, to build strong foundations with retailers and developing trust with potential customers in order to prove their authenticity. They are responsible for the transaction and strive to deliver.

What I want to know is what do you buy where? Does what you buy change the platform you buy it? I personally would buy clothes of a Facebook page as compared to an online store. Why? I find that it is cheaper and not such a serious product for me to be too cautious about.

What about you?

More of my thoughts on social media’s impact on e commerce here…

i prefer buying from online stores like Jumia

I have bought and only buy stuff from Jumia.

Social media is good for offering reliable leads and variety.

Rupu all the way ! They are a blessing to the online shopping community, their customer service is on point and know i can even get to ask them anything via their whatsapp number :grinning:

Jumia has been proven to be reliable although certain products can take longer like a week before delivery, the best thing is that the services are available both in Nairobi and Mombasa. Mpesa pay-bill option has made it easier to buy things online than relying on credit cards which are complex in nature to use & fund. Overall Mpesa payment is safer to use than credit cards.

Online stores :ok_hand:

I have bought stuff on both. Got a nice pair of shoes from a Facebook page run by some young lady. Just today, I spotted over 10 new Facebook pages selling shoes and from the comments, which I could tell were not staged as I personally know some of the commentators, they had happy customers. Just do your due diligence and you can get much better deals on social media than on some of these online stores. However, the fraud risk is high and if it happens that you’re conned you soon realize that you’re pretty much on your own. I happen to belong to over a dozen Facebook sokos. Hardly a day goes by without someone posting to warn other users to avoid “merchant” X who conned them of their hard-earned money. I make sure to review pages or merchants I’ve bought stuff from on Facebook so that anyone who knows me can have some trust in that business.
As for the online stores, I’ve only tried out Jumia and it’s reliable. I don’t know about the others. I’ve also bought books on Magunga’s book store.

I prefer and trust jumia as a local online store,they are very flexible…everytime i buy from them i have a great buying experience

For online well, we only see what we are meant to see via pictures, It might not be the actual thing after you purchase it. Too risky

I prefer buying from online store like Jumia Kilimall and Avechi, I once fell a victim to a cornman in fb so i tend to keep off social media buying

Purely for security reasons I prefer online stores but in our market social media pages are killing it.

Like @echenze said; [quote=“echenze, post:9, topic:327”]
Just do your due diligence and you can get much better deals on social media than on some of these online stores. However, the fraud risk is high and if it happens that you’re conned you soon realize that you’re pretty much on your own.

…too many fraudsters on social media.

I don’t know exactly why, but I always preferred online stores, maybe they just seem more trustworthy :thinking: