Buying hard copy books on Amazon using MPOST address

Hello there,
I want to purchase 6 hard copy programming books on amazon. The price for the entire set is 64 USD. I have an MPost address but I’ve never done it before.
Has anyone ever shipped books before from Amazon with an MPost address?
Are there any extra charges to be paid at the post office?

I have never purchased from Amazon but I have purchased from Chinese sites (AliExpress and gearbest) many times. The items arrive through my Mpost address. The thing about Mpost is, you never know what to expect. Sometimes you go collect the items and you have to pay a stamp/facilitation fee, sometimes your items arrive with a card from kra quoting the amount of tax you should pay and sometimes you collect your items and you are not asked to pay anything. It has nothing to do with the value of the items. For example, I bought items worth $45 and I wasn’t asked to pay any anything. I bought two tempered glasses worth $3 and I had to pay a ksh 30 facilitation/stamp fee. There is a time I bought a watch worth $20 and I had pay tax worth ksh 800.

Do you get Notification when the item arrives. I have ordered some items from Ebay, signed up for Mpost and used this as my address…

Now the question is this, does Posta contact you when the item is available for Pickup…

On Ebay I can simply see Tracking provided, In Transit, Out for Delivery and Estimated Delivery Options…

Yes Mpost does through text

Gracias. Let’s now wait for the Packages…

Btw guys, can I give Mpost address as my P. O. Box address?

Yes, that’s your P.O Box address

That’s your address, I use my Mpost on everything i.e. CV, Bank, Letters, Applications etc

Then this beats the whole point of the traditional Physical address. That one costs kido 2,000 per year and Mpost is only around 400. So my question is doesn’t Mpost undercut the Box. Why pay more if both serve the same purpose…

The use case of physical post office box is lready out of date. You are supposed to have your mail delivered to you, not have to keep checking the box.

Correction, Mpost is actually 1,810/- per year, and yes you do have a box i.e. the yearly subscription is basically renting a virtual mail box where your mail gets deposited into.

Yes, with Mpost the unnecessary trips to the post office to check mails/parcels is reduced by receiving sms alerts for incoming mail. Very convenient.

Explain this further… I paid 300 for my address… Are there two types of Mpost? :thinking:

This is what am wondering…
I also paid 300… Story ya 1,810 sijui

Are you talking about Mpost or the normal post office box? I paid 300 and I understand that’s what one pays for subscription yearly.

Affordability – MPost is technologically driven and therefore riding on existing infrastructure. The virtual box costs Kshs300 per year.

This I got from Mpost website. Are there hidden charges? @Krizwech

Sorry guyz I’ve seen we use different services. I use Enjiwa which I believe is very different from Mpost and pay 1,810 per year. My postal address is not my phone number but an actual P. O. Box XXXX with Nairobi 00200 County Code at the end.

Yes indeed. Different services. I didn’t even know that exists.

This is actually quite helpful. This information passes by without being explored.

How’s this News…?!
I thought this has been possible for a while now…