Buying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Kenya

Whats the easiest way to buy bitcoins and ethereum here in kenya?

I want to know too , you’ll find a number of Bitcoin merchants here in Kenya with different payment options that they accept, from MPESA, Equitel and even Airtel Money.
Different merchants also have different minimum and maximum amounts that they accept per transaction, as well as different ratings. I advice you go for the ones rated 100% ratings
The site is also a Bitcoin wallet, but I prefer u have another wallet like Bitwala, Coinbase or Luno.
Bitpesa is also another alternative to localbitcoins, however, they have a minimum transaction amount of 70,000

Yep,i also recommend

Is this a good time to be investing in cryptocurrency?

Any Recommended Seller you have used? @Dree_Alexander

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i have used local bitcoins to buy and sell bitcoins locally,i dont know about the other cryptocurrencies…Well,currently i am not pursuing cryptocurrencies coz of the volatility and it seems very speculative at the moment,hasnt gone fully mainstream…Anyway,you can invest if you have money to burn/lose otherwise now is not a good time to buy into it.

The one i transacted with used the username “scorpius” but I really can’t recommend any specific buyer/seller., go for the ones rated 100%, they are the ones with whom you are sure to get your Bitcoins or cash

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I use really powerful PCs in my work and I have a 250mbps ZUKU connection at my office, would it be safe to sell my PCs capacity to cryptocurrency miners online?

If the PC does not have a high end dedicated GPU, I wouldn’t bother. The return will be so low.

If you decide to go ahead and do it, I’d suggest you avoid mining bitcoin and pick a different crypto. Nicehash’s mining software will help you pick the best crypto to mine based on your configuration.

All said and done, you should be profitable since you have no initial or recurring costs.

Internet should not be an issue. You can even use your mobile plan to mine.

I have 7 machines used for CAD rendering each with GeForce 1080 card, is this enough?

Bad idea brother

The 1080 is a high-end GPU. You should be fine.

Kama mbaya, I will give it a run on 2 machines and gauge the safety and returns.

u can buy bitcoin through remitano they offer escrow service but they are also buying ethereum if you mine ethreum you can sell in remitano still

Shared by some techies who have been struggling with Coinbase for like 4 months now…

Nicehash has been hacked. $62 million (Ksh. 6.2 billion) in Bitcoins stolen.

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This is serious guys. Ati KES. 163 billion!!! Eurobond hapa! Naona CBK ikiingilia.

One thing I Know about Kenyans is they are very liquid, this is because they rarely invest,and lie in wait of a good deal,and quick cash,but guys are really making money out of this Bitcoin so let them be.

I dont know if I am the only one following cryptocurrencies from afar off. I came across this interesting story here I have come to a conclusion that if you really want to trade something just open a CDS account and gamble with one of the big corporations for some years. Buy Equity shares for example now that they are eyeing the Oil market and wait four years then go get your money with profit. Or juggle around with other firms once in a while. And while on this topic who knows how far the CDSC has gone with pushing technology that lures Kenyan joes to invest in the stock market?