Buttons or Navigation Gestures? What is your preference?

It all comes down to personal preference. There is no solid reason to say one is better than the other.We can however agree that the navigation gesture implementation on android has been pretty gimmicky especially on the various android skins.This is the one point I give it to the iOS for how smooth and responsive the gestures are.
I hope android Q greatly improves this feature.But before that happens there are two options:
* The first one would be to revert to buttons ,after all,if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.
* The second option would be for you to try out this app “Fluid Navigation Gestures”

The app is well thought out in terms of usability and is easy to learn and to use. It gives the user lots of customization options .Like personalizing gesture uses and making a difference between quick swipe and long swipe. It even allows user to set the time delay between gesture transitions.It responds so well and fast to touch it surprised me.

In order to fully use it’s features , you will either need root access or simply install ADB on your computer and run an ADB command specified in the app.After that, it is all joyride.

Maybe it’s just that I haven’t used gestures extensively but, especially with immersive mode, buttons are no longer a problem on the screen…

The gestures on pocophone are soo amazing. I have never used the limiting buttons. Gestures all the way.

Infact gestures are always on i cant sacrifice the all clean screen interface for navigation keys it is a waste of space

For most Android devices the gestures are really half-baked and more frustrating to use than buttons. However, I have used the gestures on MIUI and they are absolutely fantastic.

MIUI gestures are probably the best in the business

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