Business Insider is expanding to Africa in 2017, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria first

Things in the digital media space in Kenya and Nigeria are about to heat up as a big name, Business Insider, has the two countries on its radar as part of its expected African rollout. Ghana too is one of those identified by the publication for its initial run on the continent. This means that there will be teams of local journalists to gather the relevant news from this part of the world for the local editions of BI just like QZ Africa does.
In Japan and Italy where BI is also expanding to, it will be doing so in conjunction with some partners.
"…we’re excited to share that we’re close to finalizing the first African version of Business Insider. We believe the Business Insider approach to business news – conversation-starting, obsessive, real-time, and social – will find an especially eager audience in a region experiencing such rapid growth and adoption of technology and mobile." - BI.
What does this mean for local players?

Aaand it’s here already as

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