Budget Smartphones, what defines them?

Which type of phones are considered to be budget and what are their price range generally?

Budget is relative but when we look at the general Kenyan meaning, anything below 15k is considered budget.

If you ask Infinix director, Benjamin Jiang, anything between 10-20k is mid range, 20 upwards is above that. So according to him budget is under $100, because specifically of buying power. In the US and other developed markets, budget is below $200, but that’s because there are many credit options, on top of better buying power.

Now see what options we have for smartphone financing and contracts in Kenya. Carriers nolonger do contracts on pick and go.

Budget IMHO is any phone that’s dirt cheap, hangs at least 60% of the time, and breaks too soon (well before you can gather enough chums to upgrade.) Oh! Oh! I forgot one… It’s a phone you won’t cry over when it’s lost, stolen, or meets an untimely demise.

@martingicheru is correct in his statement.

< $100 is Budget
$100 - $200 is Midrange
$200 - $500 is Prime

$500 is Flagship.

These will be revised once the industry leader (iPhone X) comes out. Some flagships are already at $1000 (S8+, iPhone 7+ 256GB)

Hapo umeona Samsung. S8+ retails at $850 at most.

Any good Midrange - Prime smartphones that you may know here locally??

OnePlus devices are on the rise in Kenya and offer flagship specs and midrange prices.