Browse @2/- Data Tariff

How many of you have used (or currently use) the Browse @2/- internet tariff from Safaricom? Your experience? You can try it out, dial *544# --> 98 for more, select option 12. Quick Links.

It was fast enough, but last time I checked it out I didn’t find it. I think it was scrapped.

It actually still exists. Check under 544 -> 98 for more -> quick links

I didn’t even know that, I was used to the old format interface, thanks

It’s still there, you dial *142#, i still use it sometimes when updating my Windows 10 Mobile preview builds coz apparently Airtel internet scores relatively poor in latency and jitter when connecting to servers outside Kenya. That 2 bob per minute is quite expensive though so even though it’s reliable it’s not a product to enjoy using for more than hour for me :smiley:

Does this mean you get a sort of timed data package that has good speeds or what?

More or less, coz as far as i can tell the product seems to be designed in a way that you surf at maximum speeds but at a steep cost

That makes it Safaricom cyber cafe.


Hahaha yea , Safaricom Cyber :joy:

on 4G at 50+mbps it’s the best when it comes to updating apps, android apps that keep on getting updated on a daily basis. Una update over 1GB leo, kesho unapata 98% require update tena. I use it all the time.

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It’s unlimited full speeds. I get to download over 1GB in less than 5 minutes on 4G. This is where I revenge my stolen bundles. Naeka 100bob and do serious damage for those 50 minutes I’m online.

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Use it for downloads only. It’s not for browsing. Make sure you are on 4G and download all the stuff you want to.

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So I could spend like 200 bob and stream a movie, that’s cheaper than watching on data bundles if you ask me.

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It’s good but very tricky to connect, you have to exhaust the other bundles and then make sure that you have been connected to the 2 bob per minute, you might think you are on the 2 bob and find your airtime gone on 4g your 500 goes in seconds


Activate ua data manager and u won’t be able to browse without having data bundles,& this way Ua credit is safe.

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So does that mean I can download movies and shit?

Side note: The “reply to this email” thing doesn’t work.

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I activated that tariff yesterday. I bought 40 airtime then activated it. I then used it for a short while and I got speeds of about 20Mbps on both upload and download.

So after after about 2 minutes I deactivated the tariff, turned off my data and checked my credit balance which was at 30 bob. This was fine, but later I checked my balance again and it had dropped to 15 bob yet I was not using my phone.
For me the Browse @2 Bob Tariff is good, the only problem is the service provider that offers it.

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This is true. This happened to me when I had the browse @2bob tariff activated then I switched it off to use WiFi. I think I used WiFi from like 10pm and left my phone hooked up to the same WiFi after chatting online @2am.

In the morning woke up @6am and continued using WiFi. @9am something told me to check my data balance and 10bob was missing. I immediately informed Safaricom on Twitter and they told me that my data was active at MID NIGHT. Like WTF I was still awake at midnight using WiFi and you telling me my data was active?

They told me to check my Selfcare account and for real at midnight I was billed for data that I did not use and I told them there is a problem somewhere. I was so awake at midnight chatting with a friend using WiFi. They told me to prove it that I was awake. I gave them my Orange data billing that shows I was so active from that 10pm to 5am. Problem is, the WiFi was hooked to a different device so they still argued that my phone had data active.

That gave me the valuable insight that Safaricom has a script that runs data on people’s phones. This post just proved it.

Did you try and tell them about it? What I currently do nowadays is activate data manager after I’m done with downloading my stuff to prevent that from happening.