Bought a Logitech Mouse at Bestell and I think I just Wasted Money

It doesn’t matter how awesome a trackpad is on a laptop, I will always feel the need for a mouse. I have always preferred the curvy Logitech mouse for how well it fits in the hand, plus it works well, looks good and is not bulky. Now, that’s what I was looking for at Bestell earlier today, Ive bought a Logitech mouse there before, and there are things I realized when it was quite late, at the point of "goods once sold…).

  • The cursor isn’t as responsive as I expected. My desk is white yes, but when I place a paper or mousepad it’s supposed to work flawlessly. This one is not you can feel the lag.
  • The slot for batteries on the previous one took one AA battery and had a place to carry the USB receiver, this one has a slot for two AAA batteries and none for the receiver. This may make me either lose the receiver or break it. I’m used to slotting it back in to the mouse when moving.

And to think I spent Kshs 2500 on the supposedly best mouse for my needs.

2,500/- for a mouse??? Hiyo uligongwa. I stopped buying from Bestell way back in 2014 when i noticed an influx of sub standard accessories they began stocking with hiked prices (their prices don’t adjust downwards with the surge in market competition) I get my clients mouses from Ebrahims Electronics or BestSellers (yeah i still go there).

Now about the price, HP Omen Wired USB Gaming mouse goes for 2k, thats the highest i can ever pay for a mouse, otherwise kawaida i buy normal mouses for 800-1,300/- (wireless) 500-700/- (wired) or 250-300/-(refurbished)


Believe it or not but HP wired mouse are the wave. You can never go wrong with them.

Price on Logitech website is around that amount ($25)

Difference is that the one on the site is the type I bought before, grey with 1 AA battery, and a slot for the receiver.

This itself says a lot… then the price.
on the other side, Bila Mouse mimi kazi sifanyi :joy:

they just never die i have one that is 10yrs now

I also use a Logitech m105 corded mouse it works flawlessly i bought it from kilimall for 1600ksh ,Its not easy to find it now, every time i check for it online i find its out of stock I would also be interested in finding out whether we have some good genuine dealers who retail Logitech products out there?

I have the Wireless Logitech M185 from Jumia and I don’t like it, the lag is atrocious. I went back to my Dell Wireless WM123. Trying to find another but Jumia sikuhizi have fakes.

The only mouse I trust is this HP wired desktop mouse it used to come with the then high end desktops back in 2011, the one I used broke last year when it fell and broke the wheel, that is 6 years after I stole it from my first job, exchanged it with those small RGB ones, I replaced it with a similar one after a long search it’s comfortable and fast, it’s wheel is smooth I found the ridged ones on other mice (mouses) make my index finger sore, images

Check if it has a button labeled DPI… press it once to stop the lag

A mouse with a button beyond the on/off switch?

Update: I also realize that my office desk is white, so I must rely on added surfaces like paper, and my choice of paper will also influence my experience. On a coloured desk it’s much okay, so I now use the mouse on printing paper and it works much okay.

Yes… a standard wireless mouse should have 4 buttons, scroll wheel and on/off switch.
The DPI button is usually located in the same line with the scroll wheel right in the middle.
And a point to note is that optical mouse works well on a less shiny/polished surface.

I doubt this is standard, I have never used a mouse with that button. Or maybe I have always got non-standard.

Now you know