Bluetooth Speakers Recommendations

Specs to look for when/while buying a bluetooth speaker?⁠⁠⁠⁠

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Quality of the sound.
Range of connection.
Playback time.
Aesthetics of the speaker.

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Yep,Saruni covers it so well

One thing you forgot. If it’s not too big like the JBL speaker at my bedside, you may want it to be rechargeable, making it mobile. If you do not need it to be mobile then it’s actually good, you won’t need to deal with ruined USB ports like my Olixar Boombrick. Good speaker, great sound, design, mobile but ruined USB port because of the plugging and unplugging that happens, and many hands.

With an immobile speaker the charger is DC converted, so it stays plugged. I’ve had at least three of the tiny speakers, and believe me, they aren’t worth your money. One way or another they get ruined, or produce bad sound.

Hey, Martin thank you for reaching out can you maybe reccommend a specific one that I can buy, so many options on my side. Thanks

You can trust JBL speakers to deliver on quality
Not sure where you intend to shop from, may define what options you have, if in Nairobi the options would be limited, but online shopping opens up things.

@Bree stays in Rongai, I doubt JBL will deliver there :joy:

Wacha wivu ahahah pls

Thank you let me try to reach out to them.

weh Bree. JBL si Infinix Kenya eti you’ll tweet them na wakujibu. Hahahah. You should try visiting malls in search for them, it will be much easier for you. Or you just order via Amazon using a service such as Vitumob.

JBL Flip 4 is very much around (some shop called Gametroniq along Moi Avenue). Has all the prerequisites of a good Bluetooth speaker; great sound (relative), portable, great battery life (up to 10hrs) and is water resistant so you can boom it in your aquarium if you’re into such things. Pricing? 15K, which is fine (it’s $99, add shipping charges, tax, insurance bla bla bla).
A friend has two and is veeery happy with them. I’m picking one soon, so I’ll be able to give my verdict afterward.

15K? For a Bluetooth speaker? and someone has two? @Bree nunua tu Infinix utumie kama speaker.

:joy: LOL I wil see what to do, thanks guys.

In Flip’s defense, its feature list is largely appealing. It has bells like Google Voice integration, and whistles like a dedicated app for controls.
Of course there are alternatives like Ampex, so, options.

As much as it sounds attractive, having all those features are useless in the Kenyan market. I think a simpler, loud enough bluetooth soeaker should be a better deal and much cheaper.

Surely why buy bluetooth speakers when kawaida home theatres can do the same pretty well. Unless you’re all refering to portable ones of which i see no sense in buying coz of their poor quality sound which gets worse in a short period of time. I prefer permanently plugged in bluetooth speakers than battery operated ones.