Black Friday Deals

I saw a post on twitter today by @echenze on Twitter on Amazon deals and I couldn’t help think how some local black Friday deals are mediocre. Interestingly someone tagged me on a Jumia deal supposedly on the Y5 Prime having been reduced by just a shilling. Also last year I remember the rumor that Jumia had exaggerated its numbers on sales and some deals were fictitious.

Can’t we just have good deals like these Amazon is giving?

How difficult would it be for them to coordinate with international sellers of genuine and good brands to give customers something worthwhile?

Where do you think we can get the best deals locally? Mostly on tech?

I can say for sure that Masoko is, see this for example.

Shida ni with Masoko you may end up needing to set aside your entire lunch break for that one exercise.

Xiaomi had two good deals

And the Xiaomi Mi A2 64GB at 23k. The 6W is a recommendable deal but the Mi A2 in my personal opinion Is a bad phone. The number of complaints on tiny issues is too high.

True and to the point. Black Friday here in Kenya and other countries are totally different things. Have always wished we could have a true Black Friday & not these purpoted deals being peddled left and right.

Last year for instance, I tracked some items for a whooping eight months before Black Friday and couple of weeks after. The alleged discounted price for the D-Day was actually higher than the price for the same item a week earlier, also the price after Black Friday stayed the same for a couple of weeks after and often went lower than the Black Friday offer … I there and then lost Hope.

These guys just slap 70% off to attract the clueless masses. But 70% off of what… I think guys need to research on an item first before jumping up to buy something that they probably don’t need simply because of the apparent discounts offered.

Am not saying there are no genuine Black Friday offers, am simply saying some offers are not offers in the real sense of the word …


Its very frustrating…

I think that should be made illegal. Its extortion.

pisses me off to be honest. I bough stuff off Amazon US last black friday. Now that’s a proper black Friday.

I do wonder if there is a camelcamelcamel but for the likes of Jumia and Kilimall and upcoming masoko …if not might be an interesting web scraping project.

Keepa and 3C’s are just affiliate business and seem to be using Amazon’s official API

Kenyan businesses refuse to give us these tools for reasons I can’t understand. I mean, an increase in customers/sales means increased revenues for the business. The pros outweigh the cons here.

Scrapping isn’t as easy and reliable as using an API.


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They are really trying btw :joy::joy::joy:… Checked out their black Friday deals and was lucky to buy one of the offers for 2/5th the price… But it’s a hassle to get it to load to the cart… Weh! :relieved:

Masoko may have a big potential …even though there have been discussions on why all #Safaricom offerings should not be under one roof i.e #mySafaricom app …

It would be a great UX for a person to be able to search, fill cart and checkout via m-pesa direct from one app … :cold_face: Though they have to work on operation issues first …

I came across this deal, and I completely lost hope in local e-commerce black Friday deals.
The lie baffled my mind.

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What do you think of this Cyber Monday deal from Walmart? I want to try KenTex… might be cheaper

Make sure that laptop is upgradable.

You’ll need to replace that HDD with an SSD as soon as possible and maybe upgrade the memory to 16gigs down the road.

2.5’ SSDs are selling for cheap right now. 1TB is around $130.

If it has an empty M.2 slot, you can keep the HDD and then get a 250/500 GB NVME SSD. The newer Samsung 250 GB NVME costs ~$80.

Install the OS and other programs on the SSD.

SSDs are a necessity these days.

Unfortunately,(from the reviews) it doesn’t have an M.2 slot. So i’ll have to swap the HDD for an SDD. Overall, in your opinion, is it a good deal(81k Vitumob, 78k(inc. shipping costs) KenTex Cargo)?
Edit 2: Not sure about the M.2 slot. Some say its there.

I’d recommend searching for ‘15-cx0056wm’. There are so many ‘reviews’ from people who got it from Walmart and other stores.

There was an even better deal with some solid reviews from BestBuy during Black Friday - Acer Nitro 15 for $599

Thanks…got 4 to resell…

The price went down to $480…

I don’t even need a laptop and yet I am tempted to buy it. That is an insane deal.

I got my laptops. So if anyone(or you know of anyone) needs a nice gaming laptop, let me know.