BizMkononi app for mobile farmers

BizMkononi is an app for connecting farm managers and farm owners for easy management of activities in the farm. The farm owner receives information about their farm anytime, anywhere at the click of a button. Automated notifications are send to the farm owner based on specific actions by the farm manager.
Kindly help me test the app by installing it from Google Playstore:
Let me know your views.

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I like this app, and what it stands for. But I have a quick question as the app installs on my phone:

Wouldn’t this be a nice app for any farmer, not just those with farm managers to get visibility of their farms? You know as a personal diary or reporting tool that enables them better understand the performance of their farm, while at it never miss an activity that needs to be done to ensure the success of the farm?


I can’t go past the sign up page. Signed up and then app force closed. Every attempt at relaunching it ends up the same way - a force close. What is?

Congratulations @almodad This is really something! I’ve always said that you can’t develop a shamba without being there yourself, most, if not all of the time. That was true for us – until we moved into our house at the shamba, very little got done!

…And I agree with @martingicheru – something to help even where owner and manager are one and the same.


You should probably add the type of device. It has not force closed on my Galaxy A5 2016.

@almodad already reached out yesterday

I will fix that and upload an update

Thanks Martin for the good insights. I will consider that in the next update.

@tony.mzungu Thank you. I will surely consider that in the next release

Its working well on Samsung S7 (Android 7). Which device are you using?

Huawei Mate 9 (Android 7.0)

Okay. Let me check and get back to you

Tried the app. I like the concept. So if I get you right, this app is a Farm manager? To keep track and know what’s happening in a farm within thr click of a button? Right?

Yes, that’s exactly the concept

Good job. Waiting to see the final version.

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