Bitpasha Exchange

Have you guys checked out the Bitpasha website. Users can easily buy and sell bitcoins using Bitpasha website. This is a great way to join the bitcoin revolution In Kenya.

A better introduction is necessary, sir. Tell us a better story about the what and why. The stage is yours.


Sorry for not Introducing myself. I am Peter a tech and crypto enthusiast.We have created a pioneer platform called bitpasha where people can easily sell and buy bitcoins. We want user feedback so as to continuously improve our website

Security: All you have to do to buy Bitcoins (the only crypto on the platform) is sign-up with an email and that’s it. No 2FA, Verifying Actual traders even with email confirmation, nothing. Surely…

Regulation: Cryto trading is not “public likes” kinda stuff. Platforms such as Binance and even localbitcoins adhere to strict regulations in Asia and EU. In the latter, people also need ID to sign up. This one, I haven’t seen any. If a trader disappears with the money, there’s no way a buyer can report the matter to authorities.

Conclusion: I appreciate your efforts and taking opportunities when they present themselves. But honestly, this screams scam, even with good faith behind its creation


I’m with @Omgitsdes here …
Although you don’t have wallets for customers interacting in your exchange why the lack of T&Cs? If I’m buying #BTC am I at the mercy of #mpesa reversals or trying to reverse bank wire transfers? If I’m selling my coins to the exchange what recourse do I have if I don’t receive payments and I have already sent coins to your wallet?

Bitpasha’s T&Cs

Anybody heard or read about Mt. Gox?

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There are many platforms that you can buy bitcoins without ID. Even big sites like paxful. Its unfortunate you chose to use the word scam

The T&c are being updated.Could you please tell me how you buy your bitcoins?

I’m glad you mentioned this, because the lack security measures on Paxful is the reason there are several scammers on its platform, despite that it is legit. My intention was to point out things that could undermine user experience on the platform.

Thank you for your insights.We are still developing. We shall roll out new features soon


Used #Bitfinex long ago …

Is there a timeline? Even if it’s not hard?

To all … the music is slowing down and about to stop …


From #Musk pumping up/down #BTC, to massive #ransomware payouts, to exchanges like #Binance piling more probes …these currencies will be soon outlawed in jurisdictions( See China ) which may snowball to others …even “stable” coins like #Tether are coming under scrutiny and what’s unravelling is not pretty …

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