Best Windows 10 Mobile 📱 Apps

As a Windows 10 fan boy I often search the store to find apps that keep me moving on this ecosystem daily. These apps range from social, sports, entertainment, News apps etc. Just to name a few. I compile this app list to share what I used daily on windows 10 mobile. They include:

  • Twitter – I tweet daily & this is my darling app I cant spend a day without checking the daily trends and tweet what I feel. The app design is good and its universal.

  • Vine – Yes vine is now universal, its UI is on point it’s simple &its very easy to view the short video loops its even better than the android version.

  • Telegram – Its better and secure than WhatsApp privacy is a priority here and I have lobbied all my friends to install the app so I find it a must have app coz it pushes my conversations daily. The app is also supported with regular updates.

  • WhatsApp – Comes after telegram coz I use it due to circumstances. My class group being the major one & some stubborn frnds who cant install telegram for reason best known to them. Otherwise the app has received a massive support and as a beta tester I can confirm some big features are coming to windows public build soon.

  • 6tag – So far the best Instagram client in the store, always up to date with the official Instagram app guidelines I cant complain coz am satisfied here.

  • Instagram – It exited its beta state some weeks back its not stable the UI is just a mess but it’s great since its a direct import from IOS some tweaks here and there and updates will make it perfect otherwise it got everything the IOS version has.

  • Facebook – It’s no longer in beta though still not at per with its competitors from other platforms. I particular use this app to give like and check on frnds updates. I must admit am not a Facebook fan boy.

  • Adobe Photoshop express – I take pictures daily editing isn’t an option with nice features I got sorted with this app to make my photos look nice. It has been long since the last update but I hope it gets one soon following the massive app support I have seen from developers in windows 10 recently.

  • Phototastic Collage – taking many photos a day the compiling them I collages not a prblm this app got up to over 20 nice collages which I find satisfying.

  • Newsflow – all my news from all my sources in one place, that’s exactly wat this app does, just add the RSS feed and you ready to go. The app too is supported with regular updates from the developer.

  • Reading List – on this one its perfect, got some news or article from the web u find interesting and would love to read it later, this app saves the link or the URL for later access just a click on it and you ready to go.

  • Clipboarder – Copy pasting made easy be it a whole e book u wanna copy and paste it does just wat it says as a student I often use this app especially when I copy content from the web to store in OneNote for later reference.

  • Windows Central – I cant miss to tap on this daily all windows and Microsoft related news I get them here. Am addicted to tech especially Microsoft I cant miss this. Its design is good with swipe gestures am satisfied.

  • MspowerUser – of course I use Microsoft in everything from phone to tablet to laptop. I always want to get updated on everything Microsoft, though it serves the same purpose as windows central though design and UI is the major difference.

  • Engadget – another tech app, all news technology I find them here be it on android iPhone or automotive here is my stop. I get reviews here be it on phone laptops desktops all are accommodated. The app itself is appealing and good and is also supported besides it’s also a universal app.

  • Surfy – I love to surf the web and to find a browser that meets my needs I got to choose carefully . Surfy does one particular thing for me, I can download YouTube videos through it. Isn’t this a feature to be exited abt besides it’s also supported & and I love the swipe gesture which allows u to jump from one tab to the next.

  • Tubecast – since google thinks bringing YouTube to windows will take away their customers and users we got dedicated developers to do what google cant do. This is a YouTube client for windows of course there are many others but I find this particular app awesome. I can stream live videos from it download them for offline viewing as I stream and I can also cast my videos on a larger screen. The app support is on per.

  • Netflix – frnds talking about the new movie coming to Netflix tonight, I cant resist the temptation of checking them out and I have never been disappointed.

  • Spotify – I love music and especially hip-hop, thousands are released daily and Spotify does the job of updating the music. I stream like hell and create my playlist too I even download some. I don’t mind paying as long as the music I want is available.

  • Musixmatch Lyrics &Music player – I use this app to play my music though groove is good also but I got some taste for this app. It shows me the lyrics of every song I play plus it identity’s for me artists of the songs I play and their pictures too.

  • DHPlayer – got that series I bought and I cant complete watching it on my laptop I got not worry. I transfer the series to my phone even if the format is not support by my other video player I just force the video to decode via this app and am ready to go. I watch on my phone while am in the Duvet.

  • Live Football – Getting updated on every match of my choice in this planet isn’t hard after all I got an app for that, just turn the notification on and every event in the pitch is on your hands including the goal highlights and bookings. On weekends streaming Arsenal matches is no problem at all coz this app does exactly that.

There are those apps I don’t use daily but rely on and I find them good too they are; Xbox, VLC, Shamzam, QR Code Reader, Photo math, PDF Reader, Instanote, Hyperlapse mobile, Office Lens, Flipboard, Dynamic theme, Dinanic Wallpaper, Brilli gallery locker, Battery Pro+, Blink, Adobe Acrobat reader & WinZip.
To the windows 10 lovers you can check them out and give a comment or a review of all the apps above plus give suggestions of other apps not mentioned but u find interesting.
NOTE: The app listed above doesn’t include MSN apps which come preinstalled with the software. The list also doesn’t include Truecaller.

I do not use Windows so I will stick to what I know best.

Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp? FALSE

  1. Telegram stores your messages on their server for regular chats while WhatsApp does not.
  • WhatsApp will only store a an undelivered message which is deleted immediately when the message is received by the receiver. Undelivered messages are deleted after 30 days
  1. Encryption
  • WhatsApp by default uses end to end encryption while on Telegram this is only an opt in feature on secret chats
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