Best VPN for Streaming

What’s the best VPN service for streaming geo-restricted content like YouTube TV? Help me out please.

Strongly recommend buying one, don’t use free vpn. I strongly suggest IP Vanish or express vpn. Good for kodi too.

In my honest opinion, if you want really free VPN, subscribe to Windscribe. Its free but is capped at 10gb per month. However, as has said, if you want consistency and unlimited data, you need to pay. My best pick for paid VPN is NordVPN and Private Internet Access PIA (it’s the cheapest for montly bases and approved by various tech websites.


Vile @omgitsdes amesema I use PIA it rarely disappoints

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You watch YouTube TV?

What do you use it for?

Nah…I download my shows. I don’t need to pay $40 for a few shows. Plus time is affected by region. I cant wake up tomorrow at 4 am to watch fear the walking dead or Badlands (wait a minute, it even doesn’t have AMC :joy:). Don’t waste your money or time there, just get some Netflix or download from Flixify and the pirate bay :grin:.


Academic writing and accessing tor

I watch lots of 720p videos on youtube and kodi with little to no buffering

I need a VPN following closely. Paid for some shitty VPN. Thinking to make a switch.

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Except it DOES have AMC.

they included it? the last time I checked it didn’t have, wacha nione
I have seen they added it. But I think you need additional fees over the $40 you pay for basic subscription (just like many other channels). Also, the time factor makes YouTube TV subscription unreasonable while in Kenya, unless you sleep during the day and get active at night.

Except the episodes are saved. You can watch it when you want. You just have to search for the relevant show. That’s how I watched the final season of Prison Break.

I need a VPN that gives you a list of IP addresses and you have a choice of selecting the IP that you want to connect to.

I have paid for Private Internet Access and I’m not impressed.

elaborate further

I use Psiphon,Cyberghost and Windscribe,mostly Windscribe though,its easier to use and offers more data at 15GB cap monthly plus you can even choose the VPN location esp in states.

Has anyone used a VPN on a TP-Link router? If yes, how and which vpn? I am looking for a reliable paid vpn that can work on a router or a smart tv primarily for streaming purposes.

Ive used express vpn for quite a while and highly recommend it. It’s pricier though but you get value for your money.


I am not sure that TP-Link routers provide alot of functionality that would allow you to configure most modern VPN services. Just recently NordVPN dropped their support for legacy protocols and therefore you would be looking for one supports OpenVPN.

From my experience most routers that will have these capabilities would be running some form of opensource firmware DDWRT, Vyatta, RouterOS, etc although most others are just a fork of Vyatta. I think at the moment Ubiquiti routers give you the best chance, Mikrotik are yet to implement OpenVPN.

Your best bet at this point is to settle for a VPN that has a client that runs on your end user device.

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If you’re willing to be technical you can get a cloud instance for $5/mo located in a country you want to stream from e.g. UK and set up an open source VPN e.g. Algo or OpenVPN