Best Refrigerators you can trust

Which are the best refrigerators in Kenyan market? Good value of money and also economic?

Refrigerator prices have really skyrocketed like any other product on the market.

What makes it worse is that finding single door non-frost( zero frost or no frost) fridges nowadays is near impossible.

So, you’re left to go for two-door non-frost fridges that are costly.

As for brands, I prefer Samsung or LG in that sector. I have seen Haer, Hisense, Mika show some of my friends dust. Luckily, all were repaired under warranty.

The Samsung fridge I have is over 6 years old with no issues. My big brother had has an LG for over 12 years no issues.

But, there are new entrants that you can consider like Beko. Saw it at Tuskys Buru Buru. Big and nice.

You can also check with for the best deals in town.

Another one is this huge and wide LG that goes for 105,000/= at Naivas the point but it’s on a huge deal for 65,000/= at Carrefour Sarit Center


What would be the advantage of single door non frost… Elimisha Mimi mdau…

This one is very important, hutaki freezer imejaa ice. As for double door vs single door, I think it’s a matter of size and price. Double door is larger and more expensive… There was a guide somewhere for the size you need vs number of people in the household

Another thing is to consider is the energy efficiency expressed in (kwh)units/per. I once compared my mini fridge with a friend’s bosch that was 4 times the volume of mine and used less units.


The most affordable option on non-frost fridges. Dennis has explained much much better here.

This is so true. So far LG beats everyone here with Samsung edging closer.


I was about to order a Hisense one, thank you for the heads up

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Are there any hopes for the prices to go down maybe after elections or even next year?

The LG is sold out :disappointed:

It all depends on the USD rate and inflation. The upward trend will continue affecting prices.

Unfortunately. That was a true deal.

If you see another kindly share.

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Now that you have started a thread on fridges, I would like to know the advantages of a bottom freezer fridge. I have seen a number and they seem to have a relatively big freezer. So far, there are a must check for a new fridge:

  1. Frost free
  2. Large freezer
  3. At least a cool pack or any other technology that can keep it cool for hours after power loss.

Uploading: Screenshot_20220611-125630.png…

Other specs, but spec no. 6 and 9 are a must

How much is this?

I use Bruhm BRD -140 Double Door Fridge at my place.

It once had a sale but I missed out.