Best Place to Buy Core i5 Desktops @ CBD

y’all look like a smart lot (where has this local r/wesmart forum being all my life) thus I figured I would start here.

can you guys recommend a good shop in Nai where I can get like 30 core i5 desktops for a fair price.

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What? You want to get 30 pieces from one shop? I have a friend who sells PCs, maybe I can connect you with him and you enquire.

Email: [email protected]

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I will DM you a number of a guy our organization buys from.He offers 1 year warranty that he actually honors as we have had some malfunction and he has replaced them for free.

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Send me the contacts too

On this note,i have a guy who wants to hire like 16 windows tablets for a month at a reasonable rate? if you guys know any organization that provide this ,kindly contact me please?