Best phone to purchase

I am looking to purchase a phone that is retailing below Kshs.40,000.00 with a good camera. Please advice me on the best phone to purchase

I am not sure what their price is but you can’t go wrong with any of these: 1. Sony Xperia Z2 2. Samsung Galaxy S5. 3. LG G2. You should be able to get at least one of them for well below Kshs 40,000. While the price of the Xperia Z2 and the Galaxy S5 may vary a lot depending on where you shop, the price of the G2 is guaranteed to be way below 40k. Get the 32 GB model if you can. They all have cameras you’ll be proud of.

Thank you for your feedback echenze

You may also want to consider the Huawei P7. It’s way below 40k as well and the camera is good.

When you mention smartphones below Ksh40,000, I am assuming that you’re looking for any decent phone within the price range of Ksh25,000 to Ksh40,000.

And if that’s the case, you have a vast array of choices to go with. If you are a fan of Samsung (which produces some of the best high-end devices around), you could go with Samsung Galaxy E7 (Ksh28,999), Samsung Galaxy A3 (Ksh23,199), Samsung Galaxy J7 (Ksh28,999), Samsung Galaxy A5 which costs Ksh34,999.

The company has embarked on revamping their A series of smartphones in terms of camera, storage, and performance specs. So you’re not getting a bad deal after all.

I would also suggest HTC phones like the HTC Desire 626s which is shy of Ksh25,000, but still a decent phone with good camera and HD display. If not, you could check out the HTC desire 728 phone as well.

Just to list down a few links where you can get an overview of what these phones look and feel like, peruse through the following URLs

I hope this will steer you towards the right direction


Thank you for all the help Dell_Press_Kenya

Also, Sony Xperia C4 costs Ksh30,000 but with 13MP primary camera, Samsung Galaxy E7 goes for Ksh31,999 with 13MP primary camera, HTC butterfly 3 goes for less than Ksh40,000, but has a 20.2MP primary camera (overkill), Huawei G8 goes for less than Ksh25,000 but with 13MP primary camera etc… I have reviewed 13MP Plus phones in this post

Why isn’t anyone mentioning the Tecno Phantom 5? It started selling at Kshs 40,000 but quickly dropped. 35K or below is all that one needs to pick it up. I used the phone for over a month and never liked the camera. It never matched the price or even the profile of the phone according to me and was the phone’s biggest weakness. Never mind it still had a 13-megapixel sensor. Point is, megapixel count ≠ great camera. On the other hand, the new Infinix Zero 3, a 25k phone has a really good camera. Same 20.7 megapixel sensor as that on the Xperia Z2. And it costs just 25K.

You cannot recommend something you didn’t like to someone else. That wouldn’t be so nice an advice.

Also, the fact that the phone was launched at Ksh40,000 and quickly dropped to 35K should raise eyebrows.

Finally, the Infinix Zero 3 is a nice handset that was recently launched in Kenya. At 20.7MP primary camera and an all-metal form factor, I think this is the best price you can ever buy a phone at. The accurate price of the phone is Ksh18,499 as opposed to Ksh25,000.

You can read by accurate description about the Infinix Zero 3 on this link

Fair enough. Liking and disliking are subjective. However, even objectively looking at things will vindicate me. For instance, the devices I quoted had the best cameras when they became available, based on verifiable and trusted industry tests. The same cannot be said of others.

Nop. Kshs 18,499 is an offer on Jumia. 25K is the real to-market price of the device.