Best Phone Choice

Huawei P9, iPhone 6S, Samsung S7 and any other phone of the same price range, which phone would you advice? Help😨

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I do not know why it is not on your list but it isn’t a debate. You should just buy it.

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What of iphones?? Is it advisable to purchase it? I kinda wanna join their ios platform

I would go for the iPhone as they usually have a longer life span and resale value.

The iPhone 6S was good, still can’t beat the camera of the S7 though.

I kinda noticed that most Kenyan apps are unavailable in the ios platform. Why?

Because to put an app in the iOS app store requires you to pay a subscription fee. Most developers might see it right in that case to price the app. But in Kenya, no one buys apps. And appstore doesn’t accept mpesa.

On the other hand, in google playstore, its free to put up your app. And hence most downloads are free.

Plus most Kenyans own Android phones. So it’s not worth it to hire an expensive iOS dev to make an app.

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If you want to be a wall “hugger” you can go for the iPhone. S7 Edge or the Note 5.

Just received my note 5 the other day and using the S-Pen makes you feel like you are having a multiple orgasm. Though you won’t find the the Note 5 locally anymore. Had mine shipped from SOUQ, Dubai.

@deewinc Hey, how did you ship? Advice the cheapest option

There’s not enough market on IOS in Kenya to make it worthwhile to invest resources in developing apps for the platform. Also there are a lot more Android developers in Kenya than IOS probably because of the closed ecosystem that Apple prefers. Google is much more laid back than Apple. Plus iPhones are not for power users like Android is. Apple keeps their developers on a short leash thereby reducing the amount of functionality and flexibility you can put in your app. They actually analyze all apps thoroughly to ensure it meets their standards before accepting it. On the other hand, Android developers have a lot of wiggle room and fewer headaches from Google thus local app developers prefer Android, naturally.

Correction, it is not. Developers pay to have a Play Store account, it’s just cheaper than Apple’s price.

The main reason is numbers, if you are building an iOS app, how many people will you reach? Now compare that to Android.

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That thing of wall hugging might not be so true. It was mainly an ad by Sammy for I guess the S5.
But anyway, iPhone standby times are very good and this is useful for someone who isn’t gaming 24/7. It’s a great feeling when you unplug your iPhone at 8AM and at 10AM, it’s still 100%. I know an iPhone user who switched to an s8 and he missed the battery life of his iPhone 6.

First post lol

I can attest to that, especially on the plus models, apple have upped their screen on/standby time considerably. It’s beautiful forgetting to charge your phone at 50% at night and waking up to that exact 50%

Afrisali - 5000bob, takes 3 days to arrive.

Nope it was BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen that coined that joke about the iPhone.

ION - iPhones take nearly twice as long to charge and 1.5X faster to go from 100% to 0%

The iPhone 6+ yes, the iPhone 6, nope


I’d say spring for the S7/Edge. How it’ll hold up long term is anyone’s guess but that phone remains a work of art.

Anyone had a look at iOS 11 beta review? Seems fine with me

Yes and also

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Hahahaha… Nice marketing strategy

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