Best Laptop to buy with a price of 30k-40k

Which laptops is it advisable to buy?
It will only be used for movies, normal Ms Office Usage. Generally a laptop for business purposes.

Budget 30K - 40K.

Also is it advisable to buy hybrid laptops. like Dell Latitude 7350.

Some of the laptops that i had in mind
HP Elitebook 820 G3
Lenovo Thinkpad X250.

30-40K what currency? And how do you define best? What purpose are you buying one for?

Kshs, that would be like USD 300-400.

I’d really consider something with at least 8th gen cpu (if you’re targeting Intel-based laptops). Also, if you can identify any laptop on Amazon that you like, buy it and import via Kentex, you’ll only pay like 5-7K on top of the price for shipping. In the US, 40k can get you something that you’d buy for at least 20k more in Kenya (in my experience).

Don’t even consider warranty as an issue, I bought a new Asus in Kenya earlier this year for around 80K and when I visited authorized Asus warranty Center for touchpad service they wanted me to pay money for it. I fixed the issue myself. Warranty is almost useless in Kenya.

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