Best Laptop for AutoCAD for Engineers and Architect

Whatever you do, avoid Macbooks. They aren’t meant for CAD. They are creator tools as long as creator means video and image editing.

You might discover that the chip in your Macbook works with Archicad only for Atlantis or Revit to fail. Bootcamp is a hustle unless you go with older Intel Macbooks. Still, you’ll be virtualizing a loosing a lot of raw power.

Most prominent CAD software developers have Windows in mind. Then later port the products to Mac, if the funds allow it. Mostly the funds don’t allow it.

Just focus on a windows machine with 16GB or higher, 512gb SSD, bright screen, and a decent GPU. Basically, get the best gaming laptop you can.

I was interested in a mac till I learned that civil 3d is Windows only

Asus decided to be like Samsung (phone business). A few years ago you could find premium-built laptops at affordable prices.

All metal design, glossy displays, bigger batteries, 2 in 1, etc.between USD500 and USD700. Now you have to fork out over USD1000. Same premium built but a downgrade on specs.

It’s for that reason that I’ll be switching to DELL. From $800 you get slightly better specs than what you get for ASUS.

Yes, I have been window shopping locally for months now and it’s just sad what you get on the market. But I don’t blame them.

Jubilee Govt introduced so many taxes that affects ICT products and general Govt taxes that were not there.

Did KRA squeeze your balls? Or Amazon import taxes that they mention covers everything?

Aquantuo. I paid 12.5k for delivery up to the office. No other charges.

Nope. I only paid 12.5k for shipping and it covered everything from USA to my point of delivery.

I used KCB Prepaid card which I topped via Mpesa. I’ve bought stuff from ebay /Aliepress before and they went through EMS /Posta. I’m getting to like the Shipping companies.


Thanks for those tips