Best Laptop Brand in 2020

Which laptop brand is best in 2020?

It depends on what you need. Laptops don’t have “best brands.” If you have an iPhone and you don’t play games but you need a robust ecosystem, get a mac. If you need proper keyboard, Lenovo Thinkpad. If you need an all-rounder but not great in one specific thing, Dell XPS. If you want a gaming king/queen, there are several options, but Razer is nice. IT DEPENDS.

Depends on the purpose of the laptop. However, the new generations of Dell XPS and Lenovo Carbon X1 are a sure bet for anything an all-rounded freelance would need.

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i agree with wesh,those two models are the best brands when it comes to laptops at the moment

It depends with what you want. Do you want a laptop that can play heavy games and still be coy about how they seem small to it. Get a Razer or AlienWare machine. For simple office duties or tasks and watching movies, any Dell or HP could do that. If you want to save money, there’s also a laptop with a mouthful of a name from a Chinese company Lhmzniy that offers cutting edge features at an incredibly low price which you could get from AliExpress. It all depends on what you want.