Best digital marketing platform/tool for small businesses in Kenya

What digital platform/tool would you advise a young Kenyan business owner to use in marketing?
Think the numerous clothes and electronics stalls in town or even home based businesses.

try tweetdeck for twitter

Just try out the normal facebook and twitter ads but this time boost a product that you are willing to sell at a throwaway price
Here is an example
Let’s say the retail price an iphone 5s 32gb is somewhere 23k-26k what you’d want to do is sell this product at a very competitive price than what other stores are offer let’s say sell it at 17k then boost that post on your facebook page or twitter which are way cheap than you think
With only ksh200 Bob your post can reach upto 6,000 people
That’s 6,000 customers and due to your good price it’s really hard for the customer to shy away
And then your are looking at more and more customers because they will share your post as the price is really good
Win win situation even if you sold it for much less than you normally do
Hope this was helpful


Thanks you… how can I accomplish this?

I have goods that I want to market online, how increase my sales through the above process