Best custom rom

According to me the best custom rom’s right now are msm xtended, bliss and resurrection remix. Do u guys agree or have different opinions?

I used to be a big fan of Resurrection but nowadays i oscillate between Havoc and Pixel Experience

But i think how good a custom Rom is depends on the maintainers of the different devices

Havoc OS for me has served me the best

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Evolution X is very smooth and battery efficient. Great for games as well

There’s no discussion for me here. Everyday new custom ROMs emerge, sijui ni juzi tu a kaYouTube notification popped up on my device sijui Carbon OS for the Samsung Galaxy S8/8+ (I have an 8 nimefungia kwa drawer). I’ve never heard of it, so I had to scour almost every corner of the internet looking into the OS.

For me, the best is hands down, Havoc OS. I love custom ROMs with stability and support, and Havoc ticks all the boxes. None better for me; in fact I had Evolution X installed on my katecno and it was so buggy, I tried Havoc on it and noticed a bug with the Clock app and constant SIM ejection (3.6 that is), so I reverted to using it’s factory Android 10 firmware. I’m waiting on 11 by Havoc (a stable one anyway) then I’ll flash it.

As along term Xiaomi user ,the Indian community always blesses us with endless ROMs
I have a spare xiaomi redmi note 4 which has seen Roms from marshmallow to now Android 11 however am running Havoc android 10 since it checks all boxes.

I don’t believe how scant the replies are on this thread. I surely expected there to be more modders on this site. No matter…

My absolute best roms in terms of customization from the most highly recommended are Havoc, Evolution x, and AICP. I have found these to be excellent daily drivers on most phones with minimal bugs and frequent updates.

For a bare bones android experience I’d recommend Lineage and Pixel Experience/Pixel Experience Plus.

Well, used to Mod when I was young, but I either grew old or phones improved so much I stopped Modding…


Sometimes I feel like Google, Apple and Samsung actively stole ideas from the mod community coinciding with the death of Cynogen


MIUI has everything I used to install custom roms for so why do it. They also actively add anything that is trendin in the rom community.

Came across this in a telegram forum

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Those Indian devs are so sensitive, nlipewa warning group ya Corvus juu ya kuuliza kama gaming yake ni smooth kama Evolution x. Nikamwambie aende akikaukanga, nikauma block :grin:

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