Hello Guys. Now that I have finally joined Techweez forums I can finally ask this question. Which smartphone you have used had the best cellular connection especially when you were away from town or in rural areas. I am hoping my friends who work for NGOs that work in the field could have a lot of help from this when purchasing a smartphone. I had a Tecno Camon CX that had a good 3G connection sometimes even when I was miles away from any visible cell tower. I then upgraded or rather downgraded to a Galaxy Note 5 that lost any connection as soon as I left the tarmac. Good cellular reception is also critical if you live in Nairobi crowded apartments where a signal may be hard to lock into. sorry for the novel guys but really waiting for your feedback so it can inform my next purchase.

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Most of the current mid-range and flagship devices are built with better antennas for reception. Regardless of your Note 5 losing connection, I have found Samsung devices (current ones) to be really good in reliable connection, especially hizi building za Nairobi hazinaga network kwa ground floors. Also, Apple devices have very good antennas. On budget, devices I have seen hold up connection well are Xiaomis and huawei. But this is just my opinion. ask around.
devices with LTE-A capabilities are the best in the cities, if you are a Safaricom customer. This is due to their aggregation of bands capabilities and thus a drop in LTE signal in one of the bands will have less impact on your connection.


Definitely checking up on what LTE A means. the samsung customer care agent informed me that the Note 5s had that issue

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also ordered a Xiaomi based on your advice. fingers crossed.


First of all, your title is very suggestive that you’ve already made up your mind that the Camon CX is the best… Having used a couple of phones, I don’t think it’s that good.


Okay, utatupea feedback.

I havent, I actually hate that phone. it was my previous phone. it’s quite good in remote places that I happened to visit with an NGO I work with.Another reason I liked it is because it supported al network bands. I bought the Redmi 5 plus lemme see if it will be better.

Guys who buy Xiaomi redmi phones, aren’t you concerned about their network bands? I’m usually irritated by this unless it’s the Mi series e.g. Mi Mix 2 or Mi Mix 2S

When did you upgrade/downgrade? At present all Galaxy note 5’s are refurbished phones and that could explain the reason why the handset ilikua inapoteza network.

The only lte band in Kenya they dont support is Faiba’s 700mhz (28). The reason for this is that band 28 is relatively new in most regions, after TV broadcasts were forced to go digital. However, this is the reason I also stopped using Redmi note 4 as a daily driver. Otherwise its just awesome.

Some don’t support band 20(800), where do you purchase them from? Does Telkom 4G work?


wow, never knew that, I dont use telkom, nilihama tangu I tested it kwa samsung flani ikaanza kupoteza network ovyo ovyo… wacha nitafute hio line I test of redmi note 4 nione…

Am posting this via redmi note 4 using Telkom 4G. See the screenshot below. Also, kwa gsmarena they haven’t indicated it supports 800mhz (20)

I am just hoping safaricom 4G will be supported. I will upgrade to a better Nokia in future.

The redmi note 4 has an international version that supports band 20

I also think that’s why the Oppo F5 is expensive (by Kenyan standards). It supports all bands and dual sim, dual standby VOLTE.

Naaah… Oppo ni ukichwa ngumu tu. Kwa Camera ndio wako poa kwa budget. Nokia have done it cheap. Alafu usiworry about Redmi 5 plus bands support, what the note 4 can do, 5 plus and 5 pro can do it (avechi sells global versions).

Had a Redmi Note 3 pro btw, the band issue made me boil up…
@wizmelavin wait for the redmi note 5 pro, I’d rather purchase that

I have already purchased tha redmi 5 plus. hoping it will support safaricom 4g. did your note 3 support saf

Not to derail, but since you guys are talking about network I have a lenovo tab a10-30, I have been using it on wifi but I noticed that I lost cellular network from the SIM I tried different SIMs and on other devices in the settings SIM status shows disconnected anyone with an idea of what’s up?

Google didn’t help