beiN Sports decoder legality and purchase

Recently, I learnt that the Nairoberry ilk has found (or found) extremely cheaper ways to watch football. This, through a certain beIN sports decoder, an Arabian owned television service. The rates are insanely cheap at only 14k per year as opposed to DSTV over 80k per year subscription.
After some search, I learnt that only DSTV has the right to broadcast content in the Sub-Saharan Africa. beIN sports only broadcast in North Africa.
So, how legal is this beIN sports? Are you likely to be sued for using it and most importantly, how can one access one in Kenya?

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You seem to have more information on the same. The same sources didn’t tell you where to get the decoders, legality or illegality of it all…?!

I don’t whether to laugh or what :joy::joy:
Well, a football fan friend of mine told me of a guy with a huge hall and a huge TV who show every football game at only 20bob and pays just 14k per year. So I tasked him to check the decoder. I just needed the name of the decoder and things would fall in place.

Hahah, this is a very sensitive topic considering many have been arrested in different estates around Nairobi for possession. Ulizia tu chini ya maji. But I can tell you BeiN sports delivers… with some channels broadcasting in 4K…


hahaa someone who knows about it. Where is this “chini ya maji”, am interested…

You really don’t expect a person to post here, on a Public Forum…

Where are my manners let me do the necessary…

Its illegal but no one will come to your house to check that you have it. Multi choice have screwed us over for a very long time. Time for payback

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For personal use I don’t think it’s illegal the same way I can have DSTV and sambaza to my neighbor for FREE. Otherwise the Android TV boxes, Apple TV, other primitive satellite TV services, Samsungs with satellite receivers, and streaming of channels on smartphones would also fit in that category.

The thing is, you must have someone in let’s say Dubai to purchase and have it activated there and then send it to you in Kenya. You install, and provision your dish on the required satellite same way as DSTV and you’re good to go.

So there is a possibility of one buying a brick if you don’t have someone there to activate it for you. And about the installation, a hard task?

No it’s not. The way they provision DSTV dish is exactly the same procedure needed to align the Bein dish. I’m sure any dish will work juu kwenye nimeona Bein sports kwa ma pub nimeona wako tu na dish za kawaida. That means a 90cm dish na LNB ya kawaida should work.

Tafuta mtu ako na hiyo digital satellite finder the identical one na hiyo ya watu wa DSTV can help you do that.

Issue here is you have to find the satellite that you need to provision your Bein dish. Luckly, Bein have listed the satellites on their website here;

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Bein have rights to broadcast to the middle East and northern Africa. I was in Somalia the other day and they are considered part of North Africa. Everyone has bein sports there.


With an android TV or android TV box, you can install cool apps that includes beiN sports channels for free. The downside of this is the access to low latency internet. My favourite app is Live NetTV that has a lot of sports channels.

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I use Livenet too but the problem comes when watching live events. Zinakunga like 5 minutes behind. Hapo ndiyo advantage ya TV comes in.

Any idea about streaming sports on the PC? Sport365 is garbage. Great quality but the live feed hupotea potea.

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:joy: Used to hate that… Unaskia watu wakishangilia goal na kwako bado…


Unashindwa ni team gani imefunga and you end up opening Livescore :rofl::rofl::rofl:


umetry ?

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Bado thanks. Will check it out

Should it not be easy to get the decoder here then?

Men this one works perfect. Almost no ads unlike Sport365. The connection interruptions are few like less than 5 in a whole match. Mechi ziko 2 minutes behind.

Sport365 was unbearable. Connection interruptions. Mechi ziko 5 minutes behind. and they keep on playing a 1XBET video advert like every 5 minutes when watching a match.

Getting someone from Dubai to do it for you is easy. Unfortunately, huezi pata people in the open advertising about it. That’s the illegal part here in Kenya.