Bamba decoders availability

Are Bamba TV DECODERS still available in the market? Been looking for one for a year. Their customer care say they are not available but I smell something fishy. Adding to the puzzle is the fact that Bamba TV FTA channels are still on air, so it can’t be that their licence was revoked. Any thoughts/insight on this is most welcome.

Maybe business model hasn’t been as exciting as they’d hoped. I use Bamba TV as my FTA option and the service has been terrible lately. May push me to upgrade my TV finally to a digital one.

Bamba TV channels are freely available even without the decoder… They could have discontinued selling the decoders and left the door wide open for anyone to enjoy…

So I’ve been told Bamba was closed in 2019. Interesting that it’s not occurred to me 2 years later, and I still have their box plugged behind my TV.

But I rarely go to that side, Fire TV is where I stay full time, and now that Showmax has live TV, there won’t be need for a box, unless to watch Citizen TV which does not stream in Showmax.


Bamba TV platform had so much promise,from HD Channels to newer content…I think restricting the content in order to sell the boxes was a poor strategy,a bigger picture view of opening up to all FTA products and focusing on niches like HD and exciting content plus ads or some form of interactive TV could have been better

Kenyan TV broadcast is dying a slow death. In the age of streaming, these organizations are still stuck in SDR with programs that rarely appeal to those with the capacity to explore other avenues. In my case I rarely watch local TV… only when there are significant events. They might not have Hollywood budget or EPL biding ability, but they should at least try to modernize themselves. I am sure even their employees do not watch their own content :joy:

Same thing here… Where invest in good audiovisual system only to use it on 480p Stuff with scratchy audio…!

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@martingicheru You can offload the Bamba decoder to me, maybe for a little consolation price?

I don’t think what is left of it is worth selling. I don’t have it’s remote, and the control buttons were plucked out, one needs to out the finger into a hole to find the control tips.


Loll… Kwani mlikuwa mnapigana na Bamba Tv… Ama ni Hamas Missiles…

It was Bamba ya jamii before I fixed it on the wall. :grinning::grinning: