Bad habits that newsletter administrators need to avoid

I’m sure you have interacted with this, not once but many time. You don’t recall when you ever opted in to a newsletter, and here you are in a relationship with a newsletter admin getting newsletters you probably wouldn’t give a toot about. You are reading this and probably you have opted a few people in a newsletter, genuinely came across the emails or not. It could be even bad, you probably purchased an email list from those dubious individuals who pick them from hotels and other place.

And the newsletter recipient wants to unsubscribe. Now here’s a thing you need to know, if you make it hard for someone to unsubscribe, you are actually making it hard for yourself. Here’s what’s going to happen. They will try unsubscribe, you will lead them to Timbuktu and back in the process, they may not succeed because the unsubscribe process involves them coming with approval from the village chief.

They will then mark as spam. You know what that does to your newsletter, should several of them do that, email services like Gmail start blacklisting you in general, more and more people get their emails sent to SPAM by default as long as they are associated with your domain. Your newsletter open rate goes down massively. You start cursing the Jubilee government, Mugabe, Museveni and even Putin.

Keep it civil, let people have their freedom, you will have a happy stay living in the free world.


Quite true! I just hate it when I can’t unsubscribe.
Also at times, I get spam from some sites I didn’t subscribe to like
Even though it automatically goes to spam as people might have blacklisted it, it’s still annoying.

I’d love to see those famous Quotes / MEMEs from Mugabe talking about SPAM in some philanthropic twist!! - Too funny! :joy: :joy: :joy: