Backing up Documents and important files, thoughts and experiences?

Lately i have been thinking a lot about this issue and how it affects us all.Computers crash and do get stolen so the risk of losing your digital files is high.Also Physical documents/files are also prone to theft,damage by fire and natural disasters as well as situations like war/anarchy…In light of all these factors,a way of mitigating this may be scanning coloured versions of all your important physical documents,from legal documents,receipts e.t.c. A huge bulk scanner is not necessary with apps like office lens available for download.Then,also keeping these documents in zipped password protected folders and storing in your free cloud storage options like Google drive,Dropbox,Box and Microsoft Onedrive.Other important digital files like videos,audio clips and others can be backed up in a cloud storage option and a physical external like a 2TB hard drive going up…I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this topic considering i have seen how difficult it is to get access to some legal documents in this country like KCSE Cert and Birth cert when they are damaged or lost,the cost and stress involved is sometimes not worth it and sometimes even these documents are not available as the period for backups to be kept in their respective archives may have elapsed and the documents could have been burned or shredded.

Personally I have all my Important files scanned (High Resolution) and backed up. Initially I was considering having a Synology setup but eventually decided to buy three, 4TB Hard Drives.

One Drive is for the normal file Transfer Operations. Then I do regular backups to the other Drives. One Drive is stored Offsite.

In addition to these, the extremely Important files are backed up to my Dropbox account as a Password Protected zipped file…

the HDDs made more sense than the synology option,One drive comes in handy when syncing and file transfering between PCs and other devices as well as access online.I applaud your efforts to protect ur most important files on a password protected zip file on a cloud service like dropbox. The thinking should be that,if (God Forbid) our country suffers a catastrophic natural disasters and/or wars,civil strife and one is forced to become a refugee,you dont have to start from scratch in pieceing up your life…One can quickly get access to their documents and get processed and working (if possible) as well as re-integration afterwards.

Yeah… That’s the Spirit… Basically any adverse events should not set you so far back…

Maze,coz considering how problematic refugee processing can get when you have no documents identifying details about you.

12TB …

Wewe ndio ukona Huduma Number details ?

12TB ni kidogo sana btw…Esp if you back up and keep a lot of High quality video content

Lol… My Ultimate aim is to Build it up to kitu 100TB ivi. At this size I will probably setup a NAS System

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Yeah. Am toning down on Videos though… Unless it is a worthy memorable moment. Otherwise I stick to High Resolution Images. This way I tone down on unnecessary space consumption…

Yeeeeh you may need a private NAS running in your room,preferably with additional slots for adding storage,a way to futureproof maybe.