Avoiding Avechi and Android Kenya Article

From that article, it’s very obvious that you should not buy anything from Avechi Kenya. However, from all forums I am in the Mi A1 is very clearly a badly built phone and it’s the sole reason I did not buy one. Avechi also does not check network bands so you will most likely end up with a phone that does not support 4G in Kenya. The thing I hate most is their website lists products they do not have so you end up having false hopes after viewing their site. In the meanwhile lemme stick to Jumia Express and their exorbitant 650 shipping fee. They atleast have a good warranty as I have seen them return cash or replace products severally.

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There is a thread here about Avechi and this post could have fit in that post well.

Nonetheless, the punchline on that article

"The lowdown: get it if you can, just not from Avechi Kenya (they’ll leave you crying)"

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You are making some of us who have done Business with Avechi fearful of the longevity of our Devices…

Another article from Techish on Avechi.

Stop giving this guys your money.

Bile men. But if it was me ni refund wangenipea hakuna kitu ati settling for plan B - wait even plan B was not there and he had to settle for something else.

I purchased 1 from them long ago 2014(I cant forget), its well and running but they claimed it had a 3GB RAM 32ROM & 13+16MP camera only to find it was 1GB RAM 8GB ROM & 8+5MP. Sitawai wasamehe… returned it but nilipata wauzaji ni madanda they have no idea what I was asking ikabidi niende zangu.
NOTE: It was a delivery phone I didnt check much coz a friend had purchased similar device that had matched the features as on the web

sometimes I feel like they pretend they dont know about tech. They had advertised Galaxy J7 Pro 32gb 3gb at 28k. went there to buy it for a friend and only got the 16gb 3gb ram still at 28k


me too :frowning_face::frowning_face:


But they can’t forget and sell you a 32Gb at the price of a 16Gb…:grin:

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Well, Avechi has fallen. Where will we get our OnePlus devices now?

You can send me to Dubai or UK. I’ll get you one or several :grin::grin::grin:


When are you going?

Even tonight bro. Bora unitume. Ukisema toka sahii natoka :grin::grin::grin:


Nkt! Uko na ujinga.

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Utatuibia tu tukikutuma lakini uombe tusikupate… tunakuunda sawa sawa

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Seriously, where will we be getting our onepluses and other flagships?

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From now on, let shopping online be your friend

Hey guys, after reading the thread, I want to thank you all for giving us more info about Avechi. I just stumbled upon this thread yesterday, by searching on google: “Is Avechi a trustworthy supplier?”

Now, just like yuxi,I want a rare device, the just newly released Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi. Now Avechi are the only ones that ship and stock it in Kenya. I have had the experience of having a rare device before (ZTE Nubia Z9 mini) which a friend bought for me in China. What I do know is if you take care of your device, you’ll be fine, if not, well then that’s another story.

My biggest concern however, is if Avechi ships legit devices. Let alone the nightmarish warranty/repairs experiences, and the lies they tell you when doing online shopping where they indicate for example that 32GB/3GB is selling for x KShs, then later they tell you that was the price of the 16GB/2GB version. I think that is easier to manage if you walk in to their shop and double check your device before you pay and leave.

So, my question to those who have bought merchandise before from Avechi, especially mobiles from them, (e.g Oneplus, Xiaomi etc) are their devices original or has anyone discovered later that they were ripoffs or fakes being passed on as Originals?


Their phones are legit, not clones.

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You can get pocophone f1 on jumia but the 128gb varint which goes for 42k. I am waiting for the 64gb varient which is 38k